Washing machine hatch rubber Fagor, Edesa, Aspes 6 kg L21B010I0

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Door rubber for washing machine Fagor, Edesa, Aspes, Westinhouse. A failure in this part can cause water leaks from the front.

Referencia: L21B010I0 - L21B008I7 - BL52X1659 - L21B000B4 - L21B001I2 - L21B002I0 - L21B005I3 - L21B004I6 - YY55X9945 - YY52X1659

6 kg washing machines. Hatch WITHOUT hole

FF-6300 3F-3610P FU-311 LS-486 LK-115 WFL-1000P
FF-7314 3F-3610PN FU-3613 3L-1054 L-420 QWM1
VLF5222 3F-3610IT FU-3613LX 3L-1254 L-430T PFE-83IP/CKD
WFA374E 3F-3612IT FU-3611IT The 660G LSF-550B11 PFE-113IP/CKD
WFA3217F 3F-1609 LD-540 L-860G LSF-550B11ARG PFD-83IP/CKD
FF-6214 /MO 1L-7310D LD-740 LED-550 BR-690 WI62112
FF-6214 /WR 2ML-96 LD-950 4L-51 BR-1090 PWM1000FL
FF-6012 /MO 2ML-116 LD-1100 4L-53 PF2-400 PFL-1010T
FF-6012 /WR 2ML-316X FF-530 4L-73 PF2-500 PFL-1100L
FF-6213 /MO LFA-1000 CL-500 4L-94 PF2-800 PFL-1300L
FF-6213 /WR LFA-3100 CL-850 1L-2086 WMP-410 PWM1250FL
FF-306 /MO LFB-310 FF-520 1L-2086LX TA-890 WM601
FF-306 /WR 2F-3609X FF-530 BROWN 1L-2106 MRT-145 PFE-84/CKD
SUNNY-610 /WR WL-110 FI-1750 1L-3126 MRT-155 PFE-104/CKD
HOLLY-612 /MO LFA-6108 1FE-207 LP-2065 MRT-185 PFE-1264/CKD
HOLLY-612 /WR LFA-6110 1FE-209 LP-2086 WA-1102 PFD-84/CKD
ROMAN-L1026 /MO 3F-1612 1FE-211 LP-2086N FC-1008L/1 PFD-104/CKD
ROMAN-L1026 /WR 3F-2612 FF-1105 4L-84IT BTWM4 PFD-104LX
VLF-6122 /MO 3F-1612LX FF-1106 4L-956 43CT2 PFD-1264/CKD
VLF-6122 /WR 3F-2614 FF-1306 4L-1046IT K430CT1 BTWM5
WFA0615F1 3F-2614X FF-55 LP-2096 WA-802 BTWM6
FF-6013 /MO 3F-3611IT FF-65 LP-2096N PFE-900E WM602
FF-6013 /WR 3F-3611I FF-95 LID-84 PFE-900ELX LVGE06AFETA2B
FGB-270 3F-3611IN FF-115 1L-532D PFE-1100E PBD-1064
FGB-162 3F-3613IT FF-136 1L-732D LM-110 PFL-3021TW
F-518 3F-2611X LD-550 4L-1054 WA-7310 1 WMI2001
F-538 L-4311F FE-848 4L-1264 WA-7013 WI63113
F-738 L-7190D FE-1048 LM-35 WA-8310 1 PFE-850/CKD
F-948 L-7311D CL-510T LM-68 WA-8410A PFE-1050/CKD
F-948R L-5109G LD-1355 L-2086X WA-8413A PFE-1250/CKD
F-1158 L-5311G LD-1050 LID-86 53CT CI330CDA
F-1358 L-2109R FU-3613X L-860D 63CT CI230WH
F-948PM L-2311R FF-105 L-84T 73CT CI230SI
F-2200P ML-196 FF-135 L-956T 93CT SGFA375
F-948IN ML-316 CL-11 LS-956 K630CT SGFA395
F-948DG ML-316X 1FE-73 CKD LC-84 K730CT SGFA3115
F-948Y LFB-611 FE-738 CKD LEF-150 EU-1041 SGFA396
F-1158DB LFA-6310 FE-538 CKD LEF-4110V PF2-400 P SGFA3116
F-1158A LFB-631 2FU-311 LEF-4130V PF2-500 P SGFA9126
F-1158XW LFA-6312 1FE-84 LC-84LX PF2-800 P SGFA9146
L-161C LF-1106 FF-1550 L-500 PF-500E P SGFT85
L-191C 3F-1611 FF-1750 4L-104 PF-700E P SGFT105
L-2261F L-7110S FF-2950 L-2106X WWH5402FWW SGFT106
L-2281F L-7312S FF-50 4L-94X WWH6402FWW BWF1106SS
L-5081G L-5110P FF-75 L-1006 WWH7402FWW WMI2004
L-5101G L-5312P FF-126 L-815 RWH5402FWW CI340CDA
L-7061D 3F-1610 FF-2306 L-1015 RWH6402FWW DLZ614JE1
L-7081D 3F-1610X FF-2306X L-836 P6FE-700E DLZ614JU1
L-8061S 3F-2612X FF-1005X L-1026 P6FE-900E DLZ614BE1
L-8081S L-7610S FF-512 L-1036 P6FE-1100E FAST- 40
L-6061I LFA-6112 FF-613 L-1036LX P6F-900E FAST-50
L-6081I 3F-2610 FCH-73 L-1036X PFE-700E FAST-80
L-4061P 3F-3608IT FCH-84 LP-836 WM-400 FAST 40T
L-4081P F-2612B FCH-94 LP-1036 WM410 FAST 45T
L-3061R F-3612ITB FCH-104 LP-1036N WM-1010 FAST 90
L-3081R LA-143 FF-109 L-936IT WM-1000V FAST-100 EL
F-2009 LA-243 FF-111 The 1136IT WA-1020 FAST 450T
F-2011 LA-363 FF-111X 4L-41 WA-1221 FAST-500
F-2013 LA-383 FF-6212 LM-610 LL-1020V 583F
1F-538P LA-4103 FF-6214 2L-532D 60EL WFA0606FK
1F-538PN LA-353P FF-6214X 2L-860D 631EL WFA0906FK
1F-948P LA-383 P FF-6314 1LS-486 632EL WBF1126K
1F-948PN LA-383PN WL-1000 1LS-4106 70EL WFF1266N
1F-1158P LA-143 CKD FF-2105 1LM-35 80EL WFF1466N
1F-1158DOMO P LA-243 CKD FF-2105X 1L-860G 831EL BWF6212E
1F-2200P LA-363CKD FF-2095 1L-1050G 832EL WFF1476E
1F-1148I LA-483LX LD-2005 LE-1155 100EL WFF1276E
1F-1148IN LA-4163 FG-2612 LEA-5108 620DIGIT WFA0605FK
1F-1148IT LA-106 FG-2614 LEB-508 820DIGIT WFA0905FK
F-2107 LA-108 FF-522 LEA-5110 1010DIGIT WFA1446F
F-2109 LA-110 FF-623 LEA-6110 1210DIGIT WFA1246F
F-2111 LA-108LX LD-1156 LC-85 WFF1011N WFA1216F
F-2113 LA-1086 FF-510 LC-85LX WFF1211N WFA1046F
FE-2111X LA-1106 FF-633 POP-L826 WFF0511K WFA1447F
L-2261F/1 LA-1106LX FU-6116IT ROMAN-L1026 WFF0411K HLWA-1100
L-2281F/1 ALF1106X FU-6146IT ROMAN-LI1046 WFF0611K HLWA-1300
L-9061M ALF2106 FU-6126 ROMAN-LP1026 WFF0811K HLWA-1300E
L-9081M ALF2086IT FU-6126LX SPORT-L1226 WFF1012K LAF-14(NEUTRAL
1F-946 ALF2106IT FU-6146 METAL-L1026 840/1 CM LAF-14 SILTAL
1F-1156 ALF2106P FU-6146X L-850S 841/1 CM LAF-14 POLAR
1F-946LX AS-51 CKD FF-6014 L-1060S 1140/1 CM EL-460
L-192C AD-738 FF-107 POP-L1026 WFF1212K EL-550
L-2082F AD-1158 FF-6213 LC-815 R-63 EL-850
L-5102G AD-2116 CKD FF-6213X LC-1015 R-84 EL-556
L-5082G AS-3126 CKD FF-5010 LC-836P RL-73 EL-559
L-7082D AD-2106 FF-306 LC-936IT RL-95 EL-904
L-8082S AS-3126 FF-406 PLAT-L1016S FA-600 EL-905
L-6082I AS-51 FF-650 CACH-L1016F FA-1000 EL-490
L-4082P AS-738 FF-850 FANTASY-620 BR-747 FF-6000
L-9082M FF-850LX 1FG-2612 RALLY-620 WM001 ALF106
L-3082R FE-418B 1FG-2614 LW-50 PFE-700E P ALF108
F-2609 FE-418 FG-111 LW-90 PFE-900E P ALF110
F-2607 FE-428 FF-7014 LW-110 PFE-1100E P LAW5110
F-3609 FE-538 FF-7214X LW-130 WFF1112N LAW5010
F-2609LX FE-738 3F-109CCC LAW-53 WFF1312N LAW6110
F-3609LA FE-948 LA-4123 LW-70 P6FE-700E P LAW6010
F-3611 FE-1158 LU-4103 LW-96 P6FE-900E P LAW6012
F-3611X FE-1358 LAF-153 LW-116 P6FE-1100E P FF-5000
F-3613 FE-5181 LAF-4103V LW-136 P6F-900E P FG-1005
F-2611 CL-423T WF55T LW-110 IS WM500 CKD FG-1206
F-2609P LD-523 WF1000T 1LW-96 WM600 CKD FG-1406
F-2609PN LD-943 LD-422 1LW-116 WM800 CKD FF-511
F-2611P LD-733 ROMAN-L1226 1LW-136 ELECT4 FG-1427
F-3611 I LD-1153 ROMAN-LI1246 WFIT6012I ELECT5 FE-1236E
F-3611 IN FU-1158IN SUNNY-610 WFT6120D ELECTA6AA FE-1036E
F-3611IT FE-519 HOLLY-710 WFT6141D WA-1300 FF-7114
1F-51 FE-539 ZEN-L1226 VLF6120 WA-3003J FEV-1510
1F-53 FE-749 URBAN-L1026 VLF7140 PF-43 P FF-7214
L-7070D FE-949 ZEN-L1026 VLF6140 PF-53 P FF-550
L-7090D FE-1059 ZEN-L1015 VLF6224 PF-73 P FF-7013
L-4090F FE-1159V ZEN-LI1246 VLF505 PFE-73 P ROMAN-L1015
L-209R FE-1359V PLAT-L1216S VLF506 PFE-93 P SPRING-610
The 211R FE-2009 BASIC-L1016 VLF508 PFD-73 P SUNNY-510
L-509G FE-2011 ZEN-L5110 VLF510 PFD-93 P WFT6120I
L-511G FE-2013 1L-41 VLF512 PFD-93LX WFT6142I
1F-206 FA-516 1L-43 VLF513 PFDA-73 P VLF7142
1F-2607 FA-538 1L-51 D900 PFDA-93 P VLF1015E
1F-2609 FA-5162 1L-53 VMP505 PFDA-113 P VLF0815E
1F-2609LX FA-5382 1L-84LX VMP808 K430CT2 VLF0615E
1F-3609 FE-2010 1L-84 VLF275 K630CT1 VLF6102
1F-3609LA LD-533 1L-104 VLF2105 K1100CT VLF7144B
1F-2611 FE-1059V LL-53 VLF2125 93CT1 VLF7134B
1F-3611 1FE-417 LL-73 VLF5125 WM13 PFE-1066E
1F-3611X 1FE-537 LL-95 VLF7125 WM23 SGFA91479
1F-3613 1FE-837 LL-115 VLF7135 DEC LB-110 PFD-2466S
1F-2609P 1FE-1047 LS-35 VLF255 WM500 PFD-1165
1F-2609PN 1FE-1347 LS-48 VLF2115 WA-1100 PKM MWF3-2511
1F-2611P FE-2011 IN LS-51 VLF4117 SW201 MWF3-1611
1F-3611IT LD-534 LS-15 VLF5127 WA-1306 MWF3-2612
1F-3609IT LD-744 L-1041G VLF2095 WM-1100V PFE-1260
L-1609I LD-2100 L-631D VLF6125 WMP-1100V PFE-1060
F-4611 LD-2120 L-841D VLF6135 FRESH-143 PFE-860
F-4613X FF-2009 L-631G VLF5102 FRESH-243 PFD-1260
1F-3613X FF-2011 L-531U VLF5122 FLP5000 PFD-1060
1F-3611 I FF-2013 The 841U VLF6104 WFF0512K PFE-1165
1F-3611 IN FU-1047 1L-63 VLF6124 WFF0612K PFD-2060
F-4613 1FE-537S 2LP-53 VLF6122 WFF0812K PFE-2060
LFA-1080 1FE-837S 2LP-53N VLF6142 WFF0762K PFD-1466
LFB-80 1FE-1347S 2LP-84 VLF6142X WFF0962K PFD-1266
LFA-1100 FU-1148IT 2LP-84N VLF6144 WFF1172K PFD-1066
LFB-100 EF-438 2L-104I VLF6112 WFF1372K PFE-1066
L-7110D EF-538 2L-104IT VLF7144 WFF1113N PFD-1466E
MLL-96 EF-948 1LS-410P VLF606FK WFF1313N PFD-1266E
MLL-96LX LD-945 1L-124 VLF1006FK SGF045 PFD-1066E
MLD-116 FU-1158 1L-846 WA-6125 SGF055 SGFA31179
MLD-116X FU-1358 1L-1046 WA-6126 SGF065 SGF3169B
LFA-1200 FE-2107 LL-956 WA-6127 SGF085 SGF3869B
L-1611I FE-2109 LL-1156 WA-6128 SGF105 SGF3159B
2F-2607 FE-2111 3L-41 LPF-4200 SGF4065 SGF3859B
2F-2609 FE-2113 3L-51 LPF-5200 SGF4085 SGF3659B
2F-2609LX 1FE-946 3L-53 LPF-5300 SGF4105 WFA1447E
2F-3609 FE-428 SY 3L-63 LPF-7300 WMP-4000V WFA1416F
2F-2611 FE-538 SY 3L-84 LPF-8400 PF-83 CKD WFA1316F
2F-2609P FU-837 3L-104 LPF-5200 B11 PF-113 CKD WFA1456F
2F-2609PN FU-2013 3L-124 LPF-5300 B11 PFD-113P CKD WFA1417F
2F-3609IT FE-205 3LP-53 LPF-7300 B11 WMP-1150V WFA1276E
2F-107 FE-207 3LP-53N LPF5200B11ARG WMP-1350V WFA1076E
2F-209 FE-209 3LP-84 LPF5300B11ARG WMP-500C WFA0876E
2F-211 FE-211 3LP-84N LPF7300B11ARG WMP-1120V WFA0676E
2F-311 FE-2607 3L-104I F451E SGF4065N WFA0515E
2F-2613 FE-3609 3L-104IT F501T SGF4085N WFA1035E
1L-211R FE-3611 3L-956 F901T SGF4105N WFA0835E
1L-209R FE-3613 3L-1156 MWM600IN WFF0612A WFA0876F
1L-511G 1FE-1047S 1LS-15 CI330IN WFF0812A WFA0676F
1L-509G CL-700 EL 1LS-35 WI63113DE RL-73 CKD WFA0835F
1L-7110D FF-207 1LS-48 PFD-1125 WBF1114K WFA0615F
1L-7090D FF-209 2LS-410P PFD-1026 WBF1114U WFA0515F
1L-1611I FF-309 L-632D PFD-1226 DLZ413JE1 WFA1076A
1L-1609I FF-211 L-842D PFD-1426ET PFE-93P/CKD WFA876A
1L-4090F FF-311 L-632G PFE-1115 PFE-93IP/CKD WFA676A
1FE-94 CKD FF-3611 L-1042G KWI63113 PFE-113P/CKD WFA606A
2F-107 CKD FF-3613 L-2066 XQG50-BTWM5 PFD-93P/CKD WFA0677E
2F-209 CKD FG-3611 L-2086 TA-850 PFD-93IP/CKD WFA1276SH
2F-211 CKD FG-3613 3L-946LX WWH5109XWW PFD-93IPLX F-6012
2F-3609 CKD LD-075 L-2086LX WWH6109XWW PFD-113IP/CKD F-6010
LF/E-5,5 M LD-090 L-2106 WWH7109XWW LC-5P F-610
3F-1614 LD-110 L-3126 WWH8109XSS LDA-6 FE-6012
3F-2609 FE-739 GONE 3L-73 PF-500E L5 FE-6010
3F-2611 FI-2950 3L-94 PF-700E DFI-5F ALF1106
3F-3614X 1FE-41 3LP-94 PF-900E WFF0512KK ZEN-L6212
3F-3614 1FE-43 3LP-94N PF-1100E WFF0812KK ZEN-L6210
3F-109 1FE-53 L-532D LK-53 DLZ413JU1 ZEN-L6110
3F-111 1FE-73 L-732D UWM-536/1 WFF1062K VLF6220
3F-211 1FE-94 LS-466 UWM-1046/1 WFL-500P SGF125803
SGF125103 SGF126103 SGF126803 BWF510E BWF508E BWF506E

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