Washing machine hatch rubber Fagor, Edesa 6 kg L21B013C0 WITH HOLE

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Door rubber with hole for 6 kg washing machine Fagor, Edesa, Aspes. Replacement for washing machine repair. A failure in this accessory can cause water leaks from the front of the appliance.

Reference: L21B013C0 - L21B009A9 - L21B011C4 - AS0006485

1FE-1017 HOLLY-710 /WR WFA174E BWFARTS F-7210 SGF127803
1FE-1027 VLF7240 PFD-1467 STD FGB-172 /WR FE-7014 SGF127129
FGB-170 / WR PFD-1437ET PFD-1477 FGB-1725 /WR BASIC-L1017 SGF127103
FGB-1705 /WR BWF172T WFA1077A F-7214 ZEN-L7212 VLF7122
FGB-270 /WR BWF171T WFA0877A F-710 ZEN-L7110 VLF7112
FGB-272 /WR BWF174T FG-7214 F-7212 ZENL7210 VLF7144B
BWF7108E 2F-3613X 2FU-3613 VLF7224B DLZ714B VLF7134B
VLF1635 1F-4611 2FU-3613LX VLF7244B DLZ714W SGFA91479
1FE-1217 1F-4611X 2FU-3613X VLF7144 BWF170T PFD-1067
WFA-7110 1F-4613 2FU-3611IT WM603 BWF172I PFD-1477
WFA-7310 1F-4613X 2FF-3611 LPR730 WFA1247E PFD-1277
WFA-7112 2F-3610IT 2FF-3613 CI340IN WFA1047E PFD-1077
WFB-712 2F-3613IT FU-4613 PFD-1027 WFA1247F PFE-1277
WFA-7312 3F-3614X FU-4613X PFD-1237 WFA1447F SGFA31179
1L-270R 3F-3612 FF-6314 SGF113107 1FE-1247E SGF3179B
1L-272R 3F-3614 FG-2614 SGF118127 FG-1427 SGF3879B
WFB-170 3F-3612P FG-2614X PFDA-113IP/CK FE-1247E WFA1447E
1ML-170 3F-3613IT FF-7014 PFDA-133IP/CK FE-1047E WFA1417F
2F-3611 F-3712P FF-7214X PFDA-133IP FF-7114 WFA1077E
2F-3611X F-3710IT DREAMG-712 WMI2004 FF-7214 WFA0877E
2F-3613 F-3712IT SPRING-7110 BA140 FF-7012 WFA0677E
2F-3611P ALF7010 ROMAN-LI1047 CI340CDA FF-7013 SGFA912710
2F-3611IT ALF7220 ROMAN-LP1027 DD-6314IPN WFT5110I VLF7202
2F-3611 I ALF2107IT WFT7121XI DD-6314ITX VLF7122B VLF7002
2F-3611 IN ALF2127IT VLF7012 DLZ714BU VLF7142 BWF7214E
FGB-170 / MO FGB-1725 3F-3612IT URBAN-LI1247 WI73110 FGB-1725 /MO
FGB-1705 / MO L-7712S ALF7010X PLAT-L1216S BWF7212E F-7214
FGB-270 /MO L-7722S HOLLY-710 URBAN-L7210 BWF7110E F-710
FGB-272 /MO F-7212X ZEN-L1227 ZEN-L7112 WFT7142I F-7212
HOLLY-710 /MO F-7212IT ZEN-L1217 ZEN-LI7212 PFD-1267 STD F-7210
L-6123CE F-7210IT ZEN-LI1247 URBAN-LI7210 WFA1117F FE-7012
F-2710LX F-7212P ZEN-LI1047 WFT7100I WI73140DE FE-712
FGB-270 FE-710 ZEN-L1017 VLF7112LX FGB-172 /MO ZEN-L7212
ZEN-L7110 ZENL7210

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