Polti iron red luminous bipolar switch M0003816

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Red luminous bipolar switch Skin. Replacement part for repair of Polti steamers and ironing centers.

Reference M0003816


PTE00019 Mondial Vap 2000 *Me*
PTEU0100 Mondial Vap 2000 Super Power No Volt Sp
PTEU0170 Vaporetto Eco Pro
PTEU0129 Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000 Basic No Volt
PTEU0108 Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000 Lux
PTEU0156 Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000 Lux Kit Pro No V
PTEU0159 Vaporetto Eco Pro 3100 No Volt
PTEU0154 Vaporetto Eco Pro 3300 Plus No Volt
PTEU0119 Vaporetto Euro 4500 No
PTEU0165 Vaporetto Genie
PTEU0234 Cimex Eradicator
PTE00099 I Rovapor Super Power No Volt *I*
PLEU0216 Vaporella Silence Friendly 8.80
PTEU0260 Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0
FPE00139 Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000
PTE00093 Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000 No Volt
PTE00078 Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000 No Volt *D*
PTEU0216 Vaporetto Flash
PTEU0214 Vaporetto Forever 2010
PTEU0215 Vaporetto Forever 2010 Kit

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