3 key switch for Fagor washing machine, Mastercook LB4M043A5

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Original replacement of the 3-key switch for washing machine Fagor, master cook.

Replacement part for the correct functioning of your appliance. Sometimes it can break down due to daily use or accidental impact.

Fagor official technical service.

Reference: LB4M043A5

F-538 1F-538P FA-538 WWH5109XWW
F-738 L-2261F/1 FA-5382 WWH6109XWW
F-538P L-9061M LD-533 PF-500E
L-161C AD-738 LD-534 PF-700E
L-7061D AS-738 FE-538 SY PF-500E P
L-8061S FE-538 CL-500 PF-700E P
L-6061I FE-738 FE-738 CKD EL-556
L-4061P LD-733 FE-538 CKD EL-559
L-3061R FE-539

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