Jug bowl chopper kitchen robot Kenwood Food Processor KW715905

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Replacement chopper bowl container for Kenwood Food Processor. Original accessory part for Kenwood kitchen robot. This bowl attaches to the grating discs and chopping blade.

Reference: KW715905

Bowl for accessories

  • KAH647PL
  • AT647

Accesorios Kenwood compatibles

Chef, Cooking Chef, Kitchen Machine codes:

A900 CHEF KM331 KMC505
A900 MAJOR KM335 KMC510
KM001 KM336 KMC515
KM002 KM340 KMC550
KM003 KM346 KMC560
KM005 KM400 KMM700
KM006 KM410 KMM705
KM007 KM416 KMM710
KM010 KM417 KMM715
KM011 KM440 KMM750
KM013 KM460 KMM760
KM020 KM500 KMM770
KM021 KM502 KMP03
KM023 KM506 KMP04
KM030 KM600 KMP770
KM040 KM610 KVC5001B
KM089 KM615 KVC5001G
KM200 KM630 KVC5001P
KM201 KM631 KVC5001Y
KM210 KM635 KVL4100S
KM220 KM636 KVL4100W
KM230 KM640 KVL4120S
KM250 KM646 KVL4154S
KM290 KM650 KVL4170W
KM300 KM800 KVL6000T
KM310 KM810 PM400
KM315 KM816 PM500
KM316 KM840 PM900
KM330 KMC500

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