Black oven control Fagor, Edesa, Aspes C20K000B7

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Temperature selector on oven control Fagor, Edesa, MasterCook, Aspes.

This piece is used to know the position that is selected when moving the device's control. This dial is used to choose the oven temperature. It is numbered from 0 to 250 degrees, which indicates the temperature at which the thermostat will cut off.

Reference: C20K000B7

2H-111N 1H-115D I 2HAF-43E 2HS-150 N 2HCG-120 PN
2H-111 IX 1H-415D I 2HAK-43 B 2HS-150 LX 2HCG-120 PLX
2H-112N 2H-426N 2HAK-43E 2H-140 I 2HCD-140 N
2H-113N 2H-114 I 2HAF-41 IX 2HC-105 N 2HCD-140 LX
2H-113 IX 2H-126 IS 3HF-14 EN 2HC-115 N 2HCU-120 PN
2H-132N 2H-414 I 3HAK-16B 2HC-115 LX 2HCU-120 PLX
2H-114N 2H-426 IS 3HAK-43B 2HC-120 N HSC-120 PN
2H-114 IX 3H-125N 3HAK-43E 2HC-120 LX HSC-120 PLX
2H-114 DG 2HS-411 N 3HAK-46B 2HC-140 N 2HC-120 PX
2H-125N 2HS-411 IX HI-214 X 2HC-140 LX TO 90 S/1
2H-125 I 2HS-413 N HI-224 X 2HC-145 N TO 92 B/1
2H-125 DB 2HS-413 IX 2HI-14 N 2HC-145 I 1KTS 11 N
2H-125 DG 3H-125 DB 2HI-126 I 2HC-175 N 1KTS 14 N
2H-125 YL 3H-125 YL 2HI-126 N 2HC-175 I 1KTS 14 I
2H-125 YO 2H-115 DOMO 2HI-125 I 2HCS-135 N 1KTS 16 N
2H-125DR 2H-415 DOMO 2HF-115 CN 2HCS-135 LX 1KTS 16 I
2H-125MG 2H-113 I 2HS-114 X 2HC-120 I 1KTP 41 N
2H-126N 2H-413 I 3HAF-43 B 2HC-140 I 1KTP 44 N
2H-134 I 2H-134I1 3HAF-43 E 2HC-115 PN 1KTP 44 I
2H-126I 3H-425 N HF-113N 2HC-115 PLX 1KTP 46 N
2H-115D I 3H-425 DB HF-113X 2HC-120 PN 1KTP 46 I
2H-411N 3H-425 YL HF-115 N 2HC-120 PLX 2909 90 3
2H-411 IX 2H-114X HF-135N 2H-130 I O8ECRP X
2H-412N 2H-414 X 4HK-46 B 2HC-130 I O8ECRP N
2H-413N 2H-113 X HE-100 X 2HC-120ID N OP8ECRP X
2H-413 IX 2H-413 X 2H-120 I 2HC-120ID LX OP8ECRP N
2H-432N 3H-135 N 2H-105N 2H-130N O5ER X
2H-414N 3H-435 N 2H-115N 2H-150N OP5ER X
2H-414 IX 2HV-114 N 2H-115 LX 2H-170N O8TCRP X
2H-425N 2HV-414 B 2H-120N 2HC-130 N OP8TCRP X
2H-425 I 2HV-414 N 2H-120 LX 2HC-150 N O5M X
2H-425 DB 2HF-11 EN 2H-140N 2HC-120 DN OP5M X
2H-425 DG 2HF-13 CN 2H-140 LX 2HC-120 DLX O4M X
2H-425 YL 2HF-14 EN 2H-145N 2HT-120 I OP4M X
2H-425 YO 2HAF-41B 2H-145 I 2HCT-120 I FO5ER X
2H-425DR 2HAF-41E 2H-175N 2HCS-150 N FOP5ER X
2H-425 MG 2HAF-43B 2H-175 I 2HCS-150 LX FO8ECRP X

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