Fagor V73P007A8 dishwasher programming control

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Program selection control for Fagor, Edesa, Aspes kitchen dishwashers.

This replacement is what allows you to switch from one program to another.

Reference: V73P007A8

ZWE-4645 1LF-013E LV-250R LFI-038N
ZWE-4645X 1LF-013EN LJF-011X LFI-038LX
1LV-7050S LFF-021LX LFF-032X LFF-041XA
1LV-550G LFF-023 MDW2 013 LJF-023X
1LV-250R LFF-023X LJF-013X LJF-042X
1 MV-5S LFI-022B 2LF-013S LFF-031XA
1LF-011S LFI-022N 2LF-013SX DREAMG23
1LF-011P LV-7050D 2LF-013E SPRING23
1LF-011PN LV-550G 2LF-013EN PLAT-V201S
1LF-013S LV-4050F 1LF-011SX LJ-048X
1LF-013SX MV-5S LFF-042XA

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