Bosch vacuum cleaner bag support frame, Siemens 00265421

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Vacuum cleaner frame Bosch, Siemens and Ufesa. The dirt bag is placed in this piece.

Vacuum Cleaner Bag Holder:

  • earthy
  • Sphera
  • Rapid
  • Chickpeas
  • Dino Super XS
  • Profile

Reference: 00265421

AC4922 BSA2425 BSAC110 BSGL2MOVE8 VS52A23 VS55B75
AC5500 BSA2446 BSB2080 BSGL2MOVE9 VS52A24 VS55D00
AC5518 BSA2451 BSB2081 BSGMOVE1CH VS52A24CH VS55E00
AT4211(00) BSA2453 BSB2180 BSGMOVE1GB VS52A24GB VS55E00RU
AT4212(00) BSA2454 BSB2884 BSGMOVE2GB VS52A25 VS55E20
AT4217 BSA2492 BSB2982 BSGMOVE3GB VS52A25IL VS55E81
AT4218 BSA2493 BSD2202 U1VSB50011 VS52A26 VS57A01
BSA1000 BSA2500 BSD2311 U1VSB50021 VS52A27 VS57A03
BSA100KA BSA2501 BSD2312 VS04B100 VS52A28 VS57A20
BSA1100 BSA2502GB BSD2313 VS04DO1FF VS52A30 VS57A44RU
BSA1100CH BSA2510 BSD2322 VS04G1600 VS52A46 VS57A80
BSA1101 BSA2510CH BSD2501 VS04G170GB VS52A90 VS57A81
BSA2000 BSA2510GB BSD2600 VS04G1710 VS52A95 VS57A82
BSA2000CH BSA2595 BSD2601 VS04G1780 VS52B11 VS57A83
BSA2000GB BSA2600 BSD2700RU VS04G1800 VS52B12 VS57B00
BSA2001 BSA2600GB BSD2710 VS04G180CH VS52B20CH VS57E00RU
BSA2002 BSA2601 BSD2800 VS04G188GB VS52B21 VS57E20
BSA2010 BSA2602 BSD2800GB VS04G2000 VS52B21GB VS57E81
BSA2012 BSA2680 BSD2800RU VS04G2001 VS52B25 VS59A10
BSA2090 BSA2695 BSD2802 VS04G2080 VS52B46 VS59A22
BSA2100 BSA2700 BSD2805 VS04G2081 VS52D11 VS59A29
BSA2100AU BSA2710 BSD2810 VS04G2100 VS52D12 VS59A30
BSA2100CH BSA2733 BSD2820 VS04G2200 VS52XL370 VS59E20
BSA2100GB BSA2754 BSD2822 VS04G2300 VS53A00 VS59E22
BSA2100TC BSA2791 BSD2833 VS04G2301 VS53A01 VS59E80
BSA2102 BSA2796 BSD2880 VS04G2400 VS53A03 VS5A1466
BSA2102EU BSA2800 BSD2883 VS04G2502 VS53A20 VS5A2302
BSA2110 BSA2800GB BSD3000RU VS4PT1800 VS53A21 VS5A2522
BSA2110AU BSA2800IL BSD3020 VS4PT2200 VS53A22 VS5C100
BSA2120GB BSA2800RU BSD3022 VS50A10 VS53A46 VS5C101
BSA2122 BSA2801 BSD3023 VS50A20 VS53B10 VS5E2312
BSA2190 BSA2810 BSD3023GB VS50A20GB VS53B10GB VS5E2412
BSA2192 BSA2822 BSD3025 VS50A21 VS53B20 VS5KA00
BSA2200 BSA2822CH BSD3025RU VS50A30 VS53B21 VS5KC02
BSA2200EU BSA2822GB BSD3030 VS50A90 VS53B91 VS5KC02AU
BSA2200GB BSA2823 BSD3080 VS50XS240 VS53E00 VS5KC02CH
BSA2200MX BSA2825GB BSD3081 VS51A10 VS54A00 VS5KC02GB
BSA2201 BSA2833 BSD3081GB VS51A11 VS54A00CH VS5KC03
BSA2202 BSA2834 BSD3083 VS51A12 VS54A01 VS5KC03AU
BSA2202GB BSA2835 BSD3180 VS51A12CH VS54A02 VS5KC03CH
BSA2211 BSA2877 BSD3200GB VS51A20 VS54A33 VS5KC03GB
BSA2213 BSA2880 BSD3220 VS51A20CH VS54A95 VS5PR01
BSA2222 BSA2880GB BSD3300 VS51A21 VS54A96 VS5PR02
BSA2222CH BSA2882 BSD3300GB VS51A21EU VS54B00 VS5PR03
BSA2222GB BSA2885 BSG41700GB VS51A22 VS54B20 VS5PR04
BSA2225 BSA2888 BSG41800 VS51A22CH VS54E00 VS5PR05
BSA2246 BSA2888GB BSG41880GB VS51A22GB VS54E00CH VS5PT00
BSA2250 BSA2893 BSG42000 VS51A22IL VS54E01 VS5PT02
BSA2250CH BSA3000RU BSG42000GB VS51A24 VS55A00 VS5PT03
BSA2251 BSA3010 BSG42402 VS51A90 VS55A01 VS5PT04
BSA2290 BSA3022 BSG42500 VS51A91 VS55A20 VS5PT05
BSA2291 BSA3025RU BSGL2MOV21 VS51A92 VS55A21 VS5PT06
BSA2292 BSA3030 BSGL2MOV22 VS51B12 VS55A28 VS5PT07
BSA2293 BSA3081 BSGL2MOV23 VS51B21 VS55A31 VS5PT08
BSA2300 BSA3083 BSGL2MOV24 VS51B22 VS55A35 VS5PT11
BSA2300CH BSA3100 BSGL2MOV30 VS51XM300 VS55A55 VS5PT15
BSA2302 BSA3100RU BSGL2MOV31 VS52A02 VS55A75 VS5PT18
BSA2312 BSA3133 BSGL2MOVE1 VS52A20 VS55A81 VS5PT2000
BSA2313 BSA3180 BSGL2MOVE2 VS52A20AU VS55A82 VS5PT2002
BSA2401 BSA3510 BSGL2MOVE5 VS52A20GB VS55A89 VSPR5081
BSA2410 BSA52000 BSGL2MOVE6 VS52A21 VS55B00
BSA2421 BSAB112 BSGL2MOVE7 VS52A22 VS55B25

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