Exterior frame washing machine door Fagor, Edesa AS0004866

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Outer ring for door frame for washing machine Fagor, Edesa, Mastercook, Brandt. Original replacement for washing appliance repair.

Be careful when tightening the door screws during replacement, if they are tightened too much the plastic may give way.

Reference: AS0004866

Previous references: L74G000A0

Technical reference Commercial reference

1140/1 CM 3F-3610P DLZ692JE1 FWM714IT LVASE-F000 WBF1114K
1F-1148I 3F-3610PN DLZ692JU2 HOME-LI6210 MRT-145 WBF1114U
1F-1148IN 3F-3611I EL-460 HOME-LI7210 MRT-155 WBF1126K
1F-1148IT 3F-3611IN EL-550 HOME-LI7212 MRT-185 WBF1250K
1F-1158DOMO P 3F-3611IT EL-850 HOME-LSI6212 MWM600IN WD601
1F-1158P 3F-3612IT EU-1041 K430CT1 PBD-1064 WD602
1F-2200P 3F-3612P F-2609P K430CT2 PF2-400 WD603
1F-2609P 3F-3613IT F-2609PN KWDI63113 PF2-400 P WDI1200NM
1F-2609PN 3FS-3611IT F-2611P KWI63113 PF2-500 WDI2201
1F-2611P 3FS-3611ITCCC F-3611 I The 1136IT PF2-500 P WDI2202
1F-3609IT 3L-104I F-3611 IN L-500 PF2-800 WDI62112
1F-3611 IN 3L-104IT F-3611IT L-936IT PF2-800 P WDI63113
1F-3611IT 3LP-114S F-3612ITB LA-143 QWD1 WDI63113CN
1F-538P 3LP-53 F-3710IT LA-143 CKD QWM1 WDI63113HK
1F-538PN 3LP-53N F-3712IT LA-243 ROMAN-LI1046 WF1000T
1F-948P 3LP-84 F-3712P LA-243 CKD ROMAN-LI1047 WF55T
1F-948PN 3LP-84N F451E LA-353P ROMAN-LI1246 WFIT6012I
1FE-1047 3LP-94 F501T LA-363 ROMAN-LP1026 WFIT6412I
1FE-1047S 3LP-94N F-6212IT LA-363CKD ROMAN-LP1027 WI62112
1FE-1347 43CT2 F-7210IT LA-383 ROMAN-LSI1126 WI63113
1FE-1347S 4L-1046IT F-7212IT LA-383 P ROMAN-LSI1146 WI63113DE
1FE-417 4L-84IT F-7212P LA-383PN ROMAN-LSI1246 WI73110
1FE-537 840/1 CM F901T LA-4103 RWH5402FWW WI73140DE
1FE-537S 841/1 CM FA-516 LA-4113S RWH6402FWW WM001
1FE-837 ALF2086IT FA-5162 LA-4123 SW201 WM-1000V
1FE-837S ALF2106IT FAST 40T LA-4163 TA-850 WM-1010
1LP-114S ALF2106P FC-1008L/1 LAF-153 TA-890 WM-1100V
1LS-410P ALF2107IT FE-6210IT LAF-4103V URBAN-LI1247 WM-400
2F-2609P ALF2127IT FE-6212IT LC-936IT URBAN-LI6210 WM410
2F-2609PN ALS3116IT FE-7210IT LD-422 URBAN-LI7210 WM500
2F-3609IT BA140 FE-7212IT LEF-150 URBAN-LSI1246 WM601
2F-3610IT BTWM4 FLP5000 LEF-4110V URBAN-LSI6212 WM602
2F-3611 I BTWM5 FRESH-143 LEF-4130V UWM-1046/1 WM603
2F-3611 IN BTWM6 FRESH-243 LL-1020V UWM-536/1 WMI1400NM
2F-3611IT BWD12.1 FS-1148P LM-110 WA-1100 PKM WMI2001
2F-3611P BWD6421 FS-3611IT LP-1036 WA-1102 WMI2004
2F-3613IT BWF172I FS-3612IT LP-1036N WA-1300 WMP-1100V
2FS-3610IT BWW162I FS-6212IT LP-2065 WA-1306 WMP-410
2FS-3611IT CI330CDA FSCH3612IT LP-2086 WA-6125 WWH5402FWW
2FU-3611IT CI330IN FSE-6212IT LP-2086N WA-6126 WWH6402FWW
2L-104I CI340CDA FU-1047 LP-2096 WA-6127 WWH7402FWW
2L-104IT CI340IN FU-1148IT LP-2096N WA-6128 XQG50-BTWM5
2LP-53 CI930 FU-3611IT LP-3116S WA-7310 1 XQG60-BWD12-1
2LP-53N CI931IN FU-6116IT LP-836 WA-802 ZEN-LI1047
2LP-84 DLZ413JE1 FU-6146IT LPR730 WA-8310 1 ZEN-LI1246
2LP-84N DLZ413JU1 FU-837 LPR735 WA-8410A ZEN-LI1247
2LS-410P DLZ491JE1 FUS-3611IT LS-1136IT WA-8413A ZEN-LI7212
3F-3608IT DLZ491JU1 FUS-6116IT LSF-550B11 WBD1114K ZEN-LSI1246
3F-3610IT DLZ614JE1 FWD612IT LU-4103 WBD1114U ZEN-LSI6212

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