Exterior frame door hatch washing machine Fagor, Edesa L74E001A6

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Outer ring for door frame for washing machine Fagor, Edesa, Aspes.

This outer frame is made of white plastic and the screws for the handle and hinge are threaded onto it. during assembly be careful do not overtighten the screws, since this splits the plastic and leaves the piece unusable.

Reference: L74E001A6

Old references: L74H000A6, L74H000N1

Compatible models:

1L-2086 AS-51 LA-106 PFDA-93 P
1L-2106 AS-51 CKD LAW5010 PFE-1050/CKD
1L-3126 BASIC-L1016 LAW5110 PFE-113P/CKD
1L-532D BASIC-L1017 LAW6010 PFE-1165
1L-732D FAST 450T LAW6012 PFE-1250/CKD
1LM-35 FAST-100 EL LAW6110 PFE-73 P
2L-532D FAST-500 LID-84 PFE-850/CKD
4L-104 FCH-104 LID-86 PFE-93 P
4L-1054 FCH-73 LM-35 PFE-93P/CKD
4L-1264 FCH-84 LM-68 PFL-1010T
4L-41 FCH-94 LS-466 PFL-1100L
4L-51 FEV-1510 LS-486 PFL-1300L
4L-53 FF-550 LS-956 PFL-3021TW
4L-73 FF-6000 PF-113 CKD PWM1000FL
4L-94 HLWA-1300E PF-43 P PWM1250FL
4L-956 L-1006 PF-53 P SGFT105
AD-2106 L-2066 PF-73 P SGFT106
AD-2116 CKD L-2086 PF-83 CKD SGFT85
ALF106 L-2106 PFD-113P CKD SPFDA-113
ALF108 L-3116S PFD-1165 VLF5222
ALF110 L-3126 PFD-73 P WA-3003J
ALF1106 The 660G PFD-93 P WM23
ALF2106 L74H000L0 PFD-93P/CKD
AS-3126 L-860D PFDA-113 P
AS-3126 CKD L-860G PFDA-73 P

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