Fagor oven control, Edesa, Aspes C18T000A0

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Oven regulator selection knob. Replacement part for appliance.

  • Fagor
  • Edessa
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This control can select both the thermostat and switch functions. This selector is used to choose the position of the oven and hob, as well as the oven temperature. Replacement part for kitchen appliance.

Reference: C18T000A0

2HAF-41W 2HAK-43W
2HF-14 EB 2HAF-43W
2HF-11 EB TO 91 W/1
2HF-13CB 2H-114 DOMO
2HS-413 B 2H-414 DOMO
2HS-411 B 1H-114D B
2HI-14 B 1H-414D B
2HI-125 B 3H-125B
2H-426 B 3H-425 B
2H-425 B 3HAK-43W
2H-432 B 3HF-14 EB
2H-412 B 3HAK-16W
2H-114D B 3HAK-46W
2H-413 B HI-214 W
2H-414 B HI-224 W
2H-126 B HI-226 W
2H-125 B 2HF-113 B AND
2H-114B 3H-135 B
2H-111 B 3H-435 B
2H-113 B 3HAF-43W
2H-112 B 2HF-115CB
2H-132 B 2HS-114 B
2H-411 B 2HV-114 B
P-65 B

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