Monotube Vaporella Polti Plancha Cable M0004061

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Monotube cable for Vaporella plates Skin. Original repair part for ironing center and steam cleaner.

Any model of ironing center, 4 threads

References M0004061, M0005102

FI000080 Vaporella sphere
FI000081 Vaporella super pro
FI000133 Vaporella inox 3000
FI000134 Stainless steel steamer 3000 r
FIE00069 Super stainless steel acc iron
PFEU0011 Iron white sphere
PFEU0012 Iron acc. Super inox no volt
PFEU0013.01 Pro no volt iron vers.2009
PFEU0018 Satrap ironing ecovap
PFEU0021 Plancha acc. Prof for lecoaspira series 700
PLEU0004 Stainless steel steamer 3000 r
PLEU0005 Vaporella inox 1000
PLEU0007 Stainless steel steamer 3500 r
PLEU0008 Vaporella pro 4100 r
PLEU0035 Vaporella pro 5000r
PLEU0036 Vaporella for 5100r
PLEU0040 Vaporella super pro lux
PLEU0041 Vaporella prof 1000
PLEU0048 Steamer prof 1200
PLEU0049 Super pro stainless steel steamer
PLEU0050 Vaporella 3600 stainless steel r
PLEU0056 Vaporella 1000
PLEU0057 Vaporella forever 1000
PLEU0059 Vaporella super for excel
PLEU0060 Vaporella pro 3100 r
PLEU0061 Vaporella pro 5200r
PLEU0062 Vaporella pro 5000r lux
PLEU0067 Vaporella pro 2500 r
PLEU0068 Vaporella forever 900
PLEU0070 Vaporella 430 new concept
PLEU0071 Comfort steamer
PLEU0074 Vaporella prof 303
PLEU0075 Vaporella forever 905
PLEU0082 Vaporella new concept 440
PLEU0083 Vaporella new concept 450
PLEU0085 Vaporella new concept 305
PLEU0087 Vaporella new concept 330
PLEU0089 Vaporella new concept 305 compact
PLEU0093 Vaporella prof 1100
PLEU0094 Steamer prof 1300
PLEU0095 Vaporella prof 306
PLEU0096 Vaporella forever 900 stainless steel
PLEU0100 Steam soon
PLEU0101 Vaporella easy
PLEU0103 Anti shine steamer
PLEU0113 Elegant steamer
PLEU0121 Vaporella forever 440
PLEU0122 Vaporella forever 450
PLEU0131 Vaporella easy professional
PLEU0134 Vaporella easy white
PLEU0139 Vaporella forever 400 stainless steel
PLEU0140A Vla forever 600 stainless steel
PLEU0141 Vaporella blue moon
PLEU0143A Vlla forever 600 pro
PLEU0160 Vaporella easy active
PLEU0179 Vaporella forever 615 pro
PLEU0181 Vaporella forever 635 pro
PLEU0182 Vaporella forever 675 eco pro
PLEU0195 Vaporella forever 1405 pro
PLEU0201 Vaporella forever 655 pro
PLEU0202 Vaporella forever 610 pro w
PLEU0220 Vaporella forever 685 pro
PLEU0222 Vaporella forever 665 eco
PTEU0151 Artel vapor was no
PTEU0170 Vaporetto eco pro *20 year edition*
PTEU0201 Vaporetto d.e. 2600 pro kits
PTEU0213 Vaporetto 1500 kit new
PTEU0236 Vaporetto evolution kit
PVEU0016 Vaporetto lecoaspira 710 kit
PVEU0049 Vaporetto lecoaspira 715 kit
PVEU0051 Vaporetto lecoaspira intelligent light
SLDB0148 Monotube kit+monobloc nv connector (previously

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