Metal stand for Bosch ErgoMixx mixer 00657259

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Stand assembly with clutch (black) and blades for mixer Bosch ErgoMixx.

This original Bosch replacement foot is sold complete and has a vertical movement system for the blades according to the pressure exerted by the user. Use the correct pressure to avoid breakdowns in your appliance!

Reference: 00657259

MFQ36GOLD MSM67150B MSM671X1 MSM67166 MQ96580GB
MQ67110 MSM67150RU MSM6S10B MSM67170 MSM67110
MQ67115 MSM67160 MSM6S20B MSM67170B MSM67120B
MQ67170 MSM67160AU MSM6S50B MSM67170KR MSM67120R
MQ67170GB MSM67160GB MSM6S55B MSM67190 MSM67140
MQ67185 MSM67160RU MSM6S70B MSM67190GB MSM67140AU
MQ96580 MSM67165RU MSM6S90B MSM671X0 MSM67140RU

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