Microwave plate diameter 24.5cm Universal

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Microwave plate replacement LG, Teka, Balay, Bosch, Siemens.

Repair piece with a diameter of 24.5 cm.

(arrastre channel 180 mm)

mg3924w02 3WG1923XP-02 MS-1944JL TMW-20-BI
MS-1924JL MG3924W-02 hf1415301 MS-1924W-02
MG3954W-03 3wg1929xp02 ms1924hl TMW18BI
mg3954w03 3WM1918 ms1924jl TMW18BIH
MH-5744JL 3WM1918N-01 MS1924W TMW18BL
MH-5883ALB 3wm1918n01 ms1924w02 TMW18P
MH5724JL HMT745B ms192a TMW18XG
MH5744JL HMT745B-01 MS192W-02 TMW20.1
mh5883alb hmt745b01 ms192w02 TMW20.2BI
MOD.MH5724JL MW500M pp. 1944jl TMW20.2BIS
modmh5724jl MG-3909D MS197H TMW20.2BIT
MS-1905C mg3909d NN-K105W TMW201.BI
MS-1924 MG3924V-01 nnk105w tmw201bi
MS-1924HL mg3924v01 HF14153-01 tmw201bis
mg3924w03 3wg1923xp02 ms1905c TMW-20XG
MG3929D 3WG1929XP-02 ms1924 TMW-22BL
MS-192A MG3924W-03

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