Thermo sheath holder Fagor, Edesa, Aspes 165mm AS0019133

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Brida portavainas for thermo Fagor, Edesa, Aspes, Corberó, This is the piece that holds the electrical parts of the water heater.

With housing for 2 165 mm resistances.

Serves for 800W and 1000W resistors

Reference: AS0019133

5RM-150 CES 150 C EWH200CLASN MD-150 TCW-100 N
5RM-200 CES 200 C EWH-30 RL/98 MD-200 TCW-150
5TG-150 CES-1000 EWH-30 SL/98 MD-30 TCW-150 N
5TG-200 CES-150 EWH-50 RL MD-50 TCW-30
A-100 CES-1500 EWH-50 RL/98 MD-75 TCW-30 N
A-150 CES-300 EWH-50 RLTR NC-150 TCW-50
A-200 CES-50 EWH-50 SL/98 NC-30 TCW-50 N
A-75 CES-500 EWH-75 R NC-50 TCW-75
AD-150MVH CES-750 EWH-75 R N NC-75 TCW-75 N
AD-200MVH CF-100 R EWH-75 RL NR-100 TE-1000
C-100 B CF-150 R EWH-75 RL/98 NV-1000 TE-1500
C-30 B CF-200 R EWH-75 RLTR NV-1500 TG-150
C-50 B CP-100 EWH-75 RTR NVA-1000 TG-200
C-75 B CP-150 EWH-75 SL/98 NVA-1500 TGC-150
CB-100 CP-200 EWH-80 SL NVA-2000 TGC-150M
CB-100A CS-100 N EWH-80 SLN NVA-750 TGC-200
CB-100 AN CS-50 N EWH80COMF OCE200M TGC-200M
CB-100 B CS-75 N EWH80COMFN RB-100 TN-100
CB-100 I E-SD100ESS EWH80DIGITAN1 RB-100 F TN-150
CB-100 N E-SD150ESC EWH80DIGITN RB-100 N TN-150 N
CB-100 N CCC E-SD150ESS EWH-DIGIT 80 RB-100 N CCC TN-200
CB-100 N NO E-SD200ESC EYE08033WE RB-100 N3 TN-200 N
CB-100 UT E-SD200ESS EYE10033WE RB-100 U TNE-100
CB-100IB E-SD75ESS EYE15013WE RB-100 UT TNE-100/95
CB-150 EWH 100 S LTR EYE20013WE RB-150 ECO TNE-100/96
CB-150 A EWH 100 SL FAST-50M RB-150 F TNE-150
CB-150 I EWH 100 SL N FRE-300 RB-200 ECO TNE-150/95
CB-150 N EWH 150 S LTR FRE-500 RB-200 F TNE-150/96
CB-150 N CCC EWH 150 SL GT-100 RB-30 TRE-100
CB-150 UT EWH 150 SL N GT-150 RB-30 N THREE-100N
CB-150IB EWH 200 R GTA-150 RB-50 TRE-150
CB-200 I EWH 200 R N GTA-200 RB-50 N TRE-150 SUPRA
CB-200IB EWH 200 RTR HWS-2030 RB-50 UT THREE-150N
CB-30 EWH 30 R L HWS-2050 RB-75 TRE-200
CB-30A EWH 30 R LTR HWS-2075 RB-75 ECO TRE-200N
CB-30 AN EWH 30 S LTR HWS-2100 RB-75 N TRE-200SUPRA
CB-50 N1 NO EWH 50 S LTR HWS-2150 RB-75 N CCC TS-1000
CB-75 EWH 75 S L TR HWS-2200 RB-75 N3 TS-1000N
CB-75 A EWH 75 SL M-100 RB-75 U TS-100CATA
CB-75 AN EWH 75 SL N M-100 B RB-75 UT TS-150
CB-75 B EWH DIG 100 N M-100 F RB-80 ECO TS-1500
CB-75 I EWH DIG 80 N M-100 N3 RBG-100 TS-1500 N
CB-75 N EWH DIGIT 100 M-150 RBG-30 TS1500E
CB-75 N CCC EWH-100 R N M-150 A RBG-50 TS-200
CB-75 UT EWH-100 RL M-150 B RBG-75 TS-30
CB-75IB EWH-100 RL/98 M-150 ECO RD-100 TS-300
CB-80 N EWH-100 RLTR M-150 F RD-150 TS-300 N
CBG-100 EWH-100 RTR M-150 N3 RD-30 TS-50
CBG-30 EWH-100 SL/98 M-1741 RD-50 TS-500
CBG-50 EWH100CLASN M-1751 RD-75 TS-500N
CBG-75 EWH100COMF M-1810 RM-150 TS-75
CD-100 EWH100COMFN M-1820 RM-200 TS-750
CD-100 CCC EWH100DIGIT M-1830 RTN-100 TS-750N
CD-100 OUT EWH100DIGITN M-1840 RTN-150 TS-75CATA
CD-75 EWH100DIGITN1 M-200 RTN-200 VEH1002-5
CD-75 OUT EWH-120 SL M-200 A SC-100 VEH1502-3
CE-100-CL EWH-120 SLN M-200 B SC-150 VEH1502-5
CE-100-R EWH120COMF M-200 ECO SC-200 VEH2002-3
CE-100-RL EWH120COMFN M-200 F SL-100 PL VEH2002-5
CE-150-R EWH-150 R M-200 N3 SL-150 PL VEH752-5
CE-200-R EWH-150 R N M-200 UT SL-80 PL HCV-150
CE-30-CL EWH-150 RTR M-75 STV-200 VHC-150M
CE-30-RL EWH-150 SL/98 M-75 B STVH-100 HCV-200
CE-50-CL EWH150CLAS M-75 F STVH-150 VHC-200M
CE-50-RL EWH150CLASN M-75 N3 STVH-200
CE-75-R EWH150COMFN MCH-200 T-100
CE-75-RL EWH200CLAS MD-100 TCW-100

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