White washing machine door Bosch 00704285

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Washing machine door assembly Bosch white with handle and hinge. Replacement accessory with frame and glass. Original replacement part for clothes washing appliance.


Reference: 00704285

3TI71100A W5420X1EU WI12S420FF WIS20160EE
3TI71100A W5420X1GB WI12S440EE WIS20161EE
3TI71101A W5440X0 WI12S441EE WIS20460EE
3TI71102A W5440X0EE WI12S447EE WIS24120FF
3TI74100A W5440X0GB WI14S420FF WIS24140EU
3TI74120A W5440X0OE WI14S421FF WIS24140GB
3TI74121A W5440X1 WI14S440 WIS24140OE
3TI74122A W5440X1EE WI14S440EE IS28440EU
3TTI01GB W5440X1GB WI14S440EU WIS28440EU
3TTI02GB WI12S120EE WI14S440GB WIS28440GB
W5420X0EU WI12S121EE WI14S440OE WIS28440OE
5420X0EU WI12S127EE WI14S441 WIS28441
W5420X0FF WI12S140GB WI14S441EU WIS28441EU
W5420X0GB WI12S141GB WI14S441GB WIS28441GB

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