Washing machine drain pump Balay, Lynx, Bosch, Siemens

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Drain pump for washing machine Balay, Lynx, Bosch, Siemens, Crolls, Superser. Spare part for kitchen appliance. This replacement accessory is responsible for evacuating the water from the wash tub.

Reference: 00144978

Previous references: 00142361, 00142300, 00144620, 00142052, 00145414, 00144305, 00172340, 00143995, 00142370, 00144717, 00144890, 0014448 4, 00141874, 00141896, 00144192, 00146094, 00145787

142370, 3TS73 7B, 824BE, TS853, askoll 290406, M50, 30W, copreci EBS2556-0808

3TS824A-04 3TS740C-07 3TS70105A-12 WAE24460EP-08
3TS845 4TS750A-03 WAE24460EP WFB1605EE-33
3TS853 WM10E321EP-01 WFL160CEE-06 WFB1605EE-36
3TS980W-01 3TS873B 3TW860CE-01 WFO2063EE-01
WFL1300EE-06 ENR WAE24472EP-22 WXLM973EE-07 WFO247PEE-15
4TS718B-60 WM52800EE-06 3TS745A-01 4TS719E-01
FG9240B 3TS853A WF02073EE-15 WFO2062EE-01
WM10E120EP-01 3TS61000MY-29 WFL1600EE-01 FD 8710
4TS750XT-08 WAE24060EE-08 WFL1600EE-02 4TS710A-38
3TS655C-08 WVT1260EE-01 WFL1600EE-06 3TS7420C

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