Rowenta Air Force Serenity vacuum cleaner tank closure RS-2230002046

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Original replacement tank closure for the vacuum cleaner Rowenta.

Replacement part for the correct functioning of your appliance. The tank closure is the piece that holds the lid of the container where dirt is collected. It can break due to continued use and its installation is very simple.

Reference: RS-2230002046

RH9133WH/2DO RH9159WO/2D1
RH9133WH/2D1 RH9172WO/2DO
RH9174WO/2DO RH9172WO/2D1
RH9174WO/2D1 RH9132WH/2D1
RH9151WO/2DO RH9153WO/2D1
RH9151WO/2D1 RH9131WH/2D1
RH9152WO/2DO RH9139WH/2D1
RH9152WO/2D1 RH9155WO/2D1
RH9159WO/2DO RH9158WO/2D1

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