Balay double lower oven resistance, Lynx 00274047

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Double oven resistance Balay, Lynx, Bosch, Siemens. This piece is located at the bottom of the device.


  • 1000+860W.
  • 25.5cm wide
  • 34.2 cm long to terminal

Reference: 00274047

B1030B0FB H5214 HE1BYN8 LH523
B1030W0FB H5214V HE2BYA2EU LH524
H5090A H5215 HE3BYN0 LH525
H5091A H5234 HE3BYN2 FMH00
H5091M HB17020FF HE3BYN6 RH9511
H5100V HB17040FF HE3BYN8 RH9512
H5102 HB1BYA2EU HEN102NZA RH9513
H5103 HB1BYA4EU HEN108NZA RH9514
H5104 HB4BYA2EU HI120 RH9521
H5104G HB4BYA4EU HI210 RH9522
H5110V HBN112AEU HIA110 RH9524
H5112 HBN116AEU HIA120 XHC12
H5113 HC130 HIA130 XHC13
H5114 HC220 HIA210 XHC22
H5114G HCA120 HIA220 XHC23
H5202 HCA130 HIA230 XHI11
H5203 HCA220 LH510 XHI12
H5204 HCA230 LH511 XHI21
H5204V HE1BYA4EU LH512 H5112V
H5205 HE1BYN0 LH513 H5102V
H5212 HE1BYN2 LH515 H5114V
H5213 HE1BYN6 LH522 H5104V

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