Upper oven resistance Balay, Lynx, Neff 00276455

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oven resistance Balay, Lynx, Neff, Crolls, Cork. Replacement part for kitchen appliance. This replacement is placed in the upper part of the oven, acting as a grill.

Features: 2000W, 220V

Resistance: 00276455

B1010B0FB/01 H5205/03 H5618/02 HC130/01 HE3BYA2EU/02 LH511/04
B1010B0FB/02 H5212/03 H5618/03 HC130/02 HE3BYA4EU/01 LH512/04
B1010W0FB/01 H5212/04 H5618/04 HC140/01 HE3BYN0/01 LH513/04
B1010W0FB/02 H5212/05 H5636K/01 HC140/02 HE3BYN0/02 LH515/04
B1030B0FB/01 H5212/06 H5636K/02 HC220/01 HE3BYN2/01 LH522/04
B1030B0FB/02 H5213/01 H5656K/01 HC220/02 HE3BYN2/02 LH523/04
B1030W0FB/01 H5213/02 H5656K/02 HCA120/01 HE3BYN6/01 LH524/04
B1030W0FB/02 H5214/04 HB17020FF/01 HCA120/02 HE3BYN6/02 LH525/04
H5090A/01 H5214V/01 HB17020FF/02 HCA130/01 HE3BYN8/01 RH9511/01
H5091A/01 H5214V/02 HB17040FF/01 HCA130/02 HE3BYN8/02 RH9512/01
H5091M/01 H5215/01 HB17040FF/02 HCA140/01 HEN102NZA/01 RH9513/01
H5091M/02 H5215/02 HB1BYA2EU/01 HCA140/02 HEN108NZA/01 RH9514/01
H5100V/01 H5215/03 HB1BYA2EU/02 HCA150/01 HI120/01 RH9517/01
H5102/04 H5228G/01 HB1BYA4EU/01 HCA150/02 HI120/02 RH9521/01
H5103/01 H5234/01 HB1BYA4EU/02 HCA220/01 HI130/01 RH9522/01
H5103/02 H5234/02 HB2BYA2EU/01 HCA220/02 HI130/02 RH9524/01
H5104/04 H5428/02 HB2BYA2EU/02 HCA230/01 HI210/01 XHC12/01
H5104G/01 H5436/02 HB2BYA4EU/01 HCA230/02 HI210/02 XHC12/02
H5110V/01 H5438/02 HB2BYB4EU/01 HCA240/01 HIA110/01 XHC13/01
H5112/04 H5438/03 HB3BYA2EU/01 HCA240/02 HIA110/02 XHC13/02
H5113/01 H5438/04 HB3BYA2EU/02 HCA250/01 HIA120/01 XHC14/01
H5113/02 H5506V/01 HB3BYA4EU/01 HCA250/02 HIA120/02 XHC14/02
H5114/04 H5506V/02 HB4BYA2EU/01 HE1BYA2EU/01 HIA130/01 XHC22/01
H5114G/01 H5508V/01 HB4BYA2EU/02 HE1BYA4EU/01 HIA130/02 XHC22/02
H5202/03 H5516V/01 HB4BYA4EU/01 HE1BYN0/01 HIA140/01 XHC23/01
H5202/04 H5516V/02 HB4BYA4EU/02 HE1BYN0/02 HIA140/02 XHC23/02
H5202/05 H5518/02 HBE602BEU/01 HE1BYN2/01 HIA210/01 XHI11/01
H5202/06 H5518V/01 HBE602BEU/02 HE1BYN2/02 HIA210/02 XHI11/02
H5203/01 H5528/02 HBE606BEU/01 HE1BYN6/01 HIA220/01 XHI12/01
H5203/02 H5536K/01 HBE606BEU/02 HE1BYN6/02 HIA220/02 XHI12/02
H5204/04 H5536K/02 HBN112AEU/01 HE1BYN8/01 HIA230/01 XHI13/01
H5204V/01 H5538V/01 HBN112AEU/02 HE1BYN8/02 HIA230/02 XHI13/02
H5204V/02 H5556K/01 HBN112BBR/01 HE2BYA2EU/01 HIA240/01 XHI21/01
H5205/01 H5556K/02 HBN116AEU/01 HE2BYA4EU/01 HIA240/02 XHI21/02
H5205/02 H5616/02 HBN116AEU/02 HE3BYA2EU/01 LH510/01