Balay, Lynx, Bosch Oven Heater 1200W 00289782

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Balay, Lynx, Bosch oven heating element replacement (various models). 1200W, Lower accessory. Spare part for kitchen appliance.

Code: 00289782

Original quality.

3HC501BP 3HM508BT 4HC413M E12SU10
3HC501BPG 3HM508NP 4HI403B E12SU11
3HC501BPV 3HM508NT 4HI403M E12SU12
3HC501MP 3HM508XP 4HI405B HB11120EU
3HC502BP 3HM508XT 4HI411B HB11124EU
3HC502MP 3HM527BT 4HI413B HB11150EU
3HC503B 3HM527NT 4HI413M HB11160EU
3HC503BE 3HM527RT 4HM411B HB11320EU
3HC503BP 3HP501B 4HM413B HB11320FN
3HC503BPG 3HP501BDG 4HM413M HB11324EU
3HC503BPV 3HP501BDV 4HM413X HB11340EU
3HC503M 3HP501BP 4HM415B HB11350EU
3HC503ME 3HP501BPDG 4HM415N HB11354EU
3HC503MP 3HP501BPDV 4HM416B HB11360EU
3HC503NE 3HP501BT 4HM416S HB11360FN
3HC503NP 3HP501M 4HM416X HB11364EU
3HC504B 3HP501NP 4HP411B HB13120EU
3HC504M 3HP501NT 4HP411BPDG HB13150EU
3HC504N 3HP502B 4HP411BPDV HB13160EU
3HC505B 3HP502M 4HP411M HB13320EU
3HC505M 3HP503B 4HP413B HB13320FN
3HC505N 3HP503BDG 4HP413BPDG HB13321EU
3HC505X 3HP503BDV 4HP413BPDV HB13321FN
3HC506B 3HP503BP 4HP413M HB13340EU
3HC506N 3HP503BPDG 4HP413X HB13350EU
3HC507B 3HP503BPDV 4HP415B HB13350FN
3HC507N 3HP503BT 4HP415N HB13351FN
3HC514B 3HP503M 4HP416B HB13360EU
3HI501BP 3HP503MP 4HP416X HB13360FN
3HI502BP 3HP503MT 5HC121B HB13361EU
3HI502MP 3HP503N 5HC121BG HB13361FN
3HI503B 3HP503NP 5HC121BV HB13365EU
3HI503BP 3HP503NT 5HC130B HB16024EU
3HI503M 3HP503X 5HC131B HB16024FN
3HI503MP 3HP503XP 5HC131BG HB16054EU
3HI503NP 3HP504XT 5HC131BV HB16064EU
3HI505B 3HP505B 5HC140B HB16064FN
3HI505M 3HP505BP 5HC221M HB20224EU
3HI505N 3HP505BT 5HC230M HB20254EU
3HI505X 3HP505M 5HC231M HB21024EU
3HI507B 3HP505MP 5HC240M HB21024IL
3HI507N 3HP505MT 5HC431X HB21044EU
3HI511B 3HP505N 5HI121B HB21054EU
3HI511M 3HP505NP 5HI130B HB21054IL
3HM501B 3HP505NT 5HI131B HB21124EU
3HM501BP 3HP505X 5HI140B HB21154EU
3HM501BT 3HP505XP 5HI230M HB21164EU
3HM502B 3HP506B 5HI231M HB24024EU
3HM503B 3HP506BP 5HI431X HB24025EU
3HM503BP 3HP506BT 6HC953B HB24028EU
3HM503BT 3HP506N 6HC953BPG HB24054EU
3HM503M 3HP506X 6HC953BPV HB24054RK
3HM503MP 3HP506XP 6HC953M HB24055EU
3HM503MT 3HP508BP 6HC955B HB24058EU
3HM503N 3HP508BT 6HC955M HB24064EU
3HM503NP 3HP508NP 6HI953B HB24068EU
3HM503NT 3HP508NT 6HI953BP HB24224EU
3HM503X 3HP508XP 6HI953M HB24254EU
3HM503XP 3HP508XT 6HI955B HB24264EU
3HM504XT 3HP511XT 9610U HB27024EU
3HM505B 3HP527BT 9610WU HB27044EU
3HM505BP 3HP527NT 9611K HB27064EU
3HM505BT 3HP527RT 9611W HB27664EU
3HM505N 4HC403B B1012W0FN HB27668EU
3HM505NP 4HC403M B1032B0FN HBN102REU
3HM505NT 4HC405B B1032S0FN HBN105REU
3HM505X 4HC405M B1032W0FN HBN106REU

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