Lower oven resistance Fagor, Edesa CA5B002A0

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Lower replacement element for ovens Fagor, Edessa. Replacement part for kitchen appliance. This is the piece that generates the heat in the oven. A breakdown in the heating element of the appliance can cause it to not heat up or cause the home automation system to trip.

Reference: CA5B002A0

H-111 M 2H-136N H-185B 2HF-14 EB HC-10M HSC-120 PN
H-111 B 2H-136 I H-185N 2HF-14 EN HC-20M HSC-120 PLX
H-113 M 2H-134 I H-485 B 2HF-36CB HC-40M 2HC-120 PX
H-44 DB 2H-126I H-485 N 2HF-36 CN HC-60M HW1-11
H-44 DM 2H-200 B 2HF-113 B AND HAF-41B H-30M HW1-11N
H-113 B 2H-200N H-185 CX HAF-41W H-30 HW1-13
H-114 M 2H-200 I 2HV-114 B HAF-41E HC-30M HW1-13N
H-114 B 2H-114D B 2HV-114 N HAF-43B HC-30 HW1-17
H-125 M 2H-115D I 2HV-414 B HAF-43W H-5 M HW1-17N
H-125 B 2H-411 B 2HV-414 N HAF-43E H-15 M HCW1-11
H-126 M 2H-411N H-163 X HAK-43B H-15 HCW1-11 N
H-126 B 1H-111 B H-463 X HAK-43W HC-15 M HCW1-12
H-126 EPOCA 1H-111 N H-174 X HAK-43 E HC-15 HCW1-12 N
H-411 M 1H-112 B H-474 X HAK-46B H-105 M HCW1-13
H-411 B 1H-112 N HE-1401 M HAK-46W H-105 HCW1-13 N
H-412 M 1H-113 B HE-1401 B HAK-46 E H-115 M HCW1-16
H-412 B 1H-113 N H1-1115 B HAK-16B H-115 H-71 M
H-413 M 1H-132 B H1-1115 N HAK-16W H-120 M H-71
2H-111 B 1H-132 N HE-1110 M HAK-16 E H-120 H-72 M
H-413 B 1H-114 B HE-1110 B 2HAK-16W HG-120 N H-72
2H-111N 1H-114 N H1-1401 B 2HAK-16 B HG-120 H-73
2H-111 IX 1H-125 B H1-1401 N 2HAK-16E H-130L M H-74
H-111 M/1 1H-125 N H1-1410 B 2HAF-41W H-130L H-75
H-111 B/1 1H-125 V H1-1410 N 2HAF-41B HC-1200 B H-81 M
2H-112 B 1H-125 I H1-1411 B 2HAF-41E H-160L M H-81
2H-112N 1H-125B ERA H1-1411 N 2HAF-43W H-160L H-82 M
2H-113 B 1H-125N ERA H1-1412 B 2HAF-43B HC-105 M H-82
H-411 M/1 1H-126 B H1-1412 N 2HAF-43E HC-105 H-83
H-411 B/1 1H-126 N HE-1410 M 2HAK-43W HC-115 M H-84
2H-113N 2H-411 IX HE-1410 B 2HAK-43 B HC-115 H-85
2H-113 IX 1H-136 B H1-1413 B 2HAK-43E HC-120 M H-70 M
H-414 M 1H-136 N H1-1413 N 2HAK-46W HC-120 HW-1
H-414 B 2H-412 B H1-1101 B 2HAK-46 B HC-1200 N HW-1M
HE-114 2H-412N H-1101 M 2HAK-46E 2H-120 I HW-2
HE-123 M 2H-413 B H-1101 B 2HF-35CB HC-130L M HW-2M
HE-123 B 2H-413N H2-1101B 2HF-35 CN HC-130L HW-3
HE-123 G 1H-411 B H-1111 M 2HF-35 CI HRC-145 M HW-3M
HE-125 M 1H-411 N H-1111 B 2HAF-41 IX HRC-145 HW-6
HE-125 B 2H-413 IX H1-1101 N 3HF-14 EB HC-160L M HW-6M
HE-125 G 2H-432 B H2-1101 N 3HF-14 EN HC-160L HCW-1
H-134 I 2H-432N H2-1110 B 3HAK-16W HC1-130L N HCW-1M
HF-126 M 2H-414 B H-1113 M 3HAK-16B HC1-145 HCW-2
HF-126 B 2H-414N H-1113 B 3HAK-16E HC1-145 N HCW-2M
HF-126 G 2H-414 IX H-1114 M 3HAK-43W HC1-145 I HCW-3
H-434 I 2H-425 B H-1114 B 3HAK-43B HRC1-145 HCW-3M
H-126 I 2H-425N H2-1110 N 3HAK-43E HRC1-145 N HCW-4
HE-111 2H-425 I H2-1113 B 3HAK-46W HC1-160L HCW-4M
HE-112 2H-425 DB H-1401 M 3HAK-46B HC1-160L N HCW-6
HE-411 1H-412 B H-1401 B 3HAK-46E HCS-135 N HCW-6M
HE-412 1H-412 N H-1410 M HI-214 W HCS-135 HW-11 M
HE-414 1H-413 B H-1410 B HI-214 X 2H-105 HW-11
HE-423 M 1H-413 N H-1411 M HI-224 W 2H-105N HW-13 M
HE-423 B 1H-432 B H-1411 B HI-224 X 2H-115 HW-13
HE-423 G 1H-432 N H-1412 M HI-226 W 2H-115N HW-17 M
HE-425 M 1H-414 B H-1412 B 2HI-14 B 2H-115 LX HW-17
HE-425 B 1H-414 N H-1413 M 2HI-14 N 2H-120 HCW-11 M
HE-425 G 1H-425 B H-1413 B 2HI-126 I 2H-120N HCW-11
HE-426 M 1H-425 N H-1414 M 2HI-126 B 2H-120 LX HCW-12 M
HE-426 B 1H-425 V H-1414 B 2HI-126 N 2H-140 HCW-12
HE-426 G 1H-425 I H-1415 M 2HI-125 I 2H-140N HCW-13 M
H-426 I 1H-425B ERA H-1415 B 2HI-125 B 2H-140 LX HCW-13
H-425 M 1H-425N ERA H1-1110 B HI-226 X 2H-145 HCW-16 M
H-434 B/1 1H-426 B H1-1110N 3HA-43W 2H-145N HCW-16
H-425 B 1H-426 N H1-1113 B 3HA-43 E 2H-145 I HCW-17 M
HE-411 B 2H-425 DG H1-1113 N HK-58E 2HR-145 HCW-17
HE-412 B 1H-436 B H1-1414 B 2HF-115CB 2HR-145 N HCW1-16 N
HE-414 B 1H-436 N H1-1414 N 2HF-115 CN 2H-175 HCW1-17
1H-126 I 2H-425 YL H1-1415 B HF-12EX 2H-175N HCW1-17 N
H-426 M 2H-425 YO H1-1415 N 2HAF-31B 2H-175 I EB-4157
HE-11 B 2H-425DR H2-1113 N 2HAF-31W 2HS-150 EB-4158
H-426 B 2H-425 MG H2-1114B 2HAF-31E 2HS-150 N EB-4159
H-426 EPOCA 1H-114D B H2-1114N 2HAF-33B 2HS-150 LX EB-4160
HE-112 B 1H-414D B H2-1114X 2HAF-33W 2H-140 I EBO5002
HE-114 B 1H-125 A H2-1401 B 2HAF-33E 2HC-105 EB-4206 E
HE-11 N 1H-425 A H2-1401 N 2HF-25CB 2HC-105 N EB-4208E
HE-13 B 1H-135 B H2-1411 B 2HF-25 CN 2HC-115 EB4228B
HE-111 B 1H-135 N H2-1411 N 2HS-114 B 2HC-115 N EB4228W
HE-101 1H-136 I H2-1410 B 2HS-114 X 2HC-115 LX EB4228E
HE-13 N 1H-435 B H2-1410 N 3HF-96 CB 2HC-120 EB4229B
HF-113 1H-435 N H2-1413 B 3HF-96 CN 2HC-120 N EB4229W
HF-113 BB 1H-436 I H2-1413 N 3HAF-43W 2HC-120 LX EB4229E
H-225 M 1H-115D I H2-1414 B 3HAF-43 B 2HC-140 EB4230B
HE-126 93 1H-415D I H2-1414 N 3HAF-43 E 2HC-140 N EB4230W
H-225 B 1H-125V VINTAGE H2-1414 X HK-48 W 2HC-140 LX EB4230E
HE-41 B 1H-425V VINTAGE H2-1401B SET HK-48 B 2HC-145 EB 4242E
HE-41 N 2H-425 B EPO H2-1110 X HK-48E 2HC-145 N EB-4280E
HE-426 93 2H-425 N EPO H2-1410 X 3HS-125 X 2HC-145 I EB-4281 E
HE-43 B 2H-425 DG EPO H2-1113 X HS-196 CX 2HCR-145 FE-211 M
HM-14 2H-426 B H2-1413 X HS-800 AL 2HCR-145 N FE-211 B
HM-16 2H-426N HE-1111/9 HF-113B 2HC-175 FE-215 M
HM-44 2H-435 B HE-1113/9 HF-113N 2HC-175 N FE-215 B
HM-46 2H-435N HE-1113 B/9 HF-113X 2HC-175 I KT-14 M
HE-113 2H-436 B HE-1114 HF-115B 2HCS-135 KT-14 B
HE-113B 2H-436N HF-1115 HF-115 N 2HCS-135 N KT-41 M
HE-413 2H-436 I HF-1115 B HF-115 X 2HCS-135 LX KT-41 B
HE-413B 2H-114 I HE-1411/9 HF-135B 2HC-120 I KT-44 M
HE-43 N 2H-126 IS HE-1411 B/8 HF-135N 2HC-140 I KT-44 B
2H-132 B 2H-414 I HE-1413/9 HF-135X 2HC-115 P KT-46 M
HE-126 M 2H-426 IS HE-1413 B/9 4HA-43 W 2HC-115 PN KT-46 B
HE-126 B 3H-125B HE-1414 4HA-43 B 2HC-115 PLX FE1-211 M
H-110 M 3H-125N HE-1414 B/9 4HA-43 E 2HC-120 P FE1-211 B
H-110 B 3H-125X HE-1415/9 4HK-46 W 2HC-120 PN FE1-215 M
H-410 M 2HS-411 B HE-1415 B/9 4HK-46 B 2HC-120 PLX FE1-215 B
H-410 B 2HS-411 N HE-1114 B 4HK-46 E 2H-130 I KT-46 I
H-110 M/1 2HS-411 IX HE-1111 B/9 HE-100 X 2HC-130 I KT-14 B/1
H-110 B/1 2HS-413 B HE-1101/9 HEM-200 X 2HC-120ID B KT-14 M/1
2H-132N 2HS-413 N HE-1112/9 H1-105 2HC-120ID N KT-44 B/1
2H-114B 2HS-413 IX HE-1112 B/9 H1-105 N 2HC-120ID LX KT-44 M/1
H-113 M/1 3H-125 DB HE-1412 M H1-115 2HC-120 D 1KTS 11 B
H-113 B/1 3H-125 YL HE-1412 B/9 H1-115 N hd 120 par 1KTS 11 N
H-114 M/1 2H-114 DOMO HE-1101 H1-130 L HD 120N PAR 1KTS 14 B
H-114 B/1 2H-115 DOMO HE-1111 H1-130L N 2H-130 1KTS 14 N
H-132 M 2H-414 DOMO HE-1111 B H1-145 2H-130N 1KTS 14 I
H-132 B 2H-415 DOMO HE-1112 H1-145 N 2H-150 1KTS 16 B
2H-114N 2H-113 I HE-1112 B H1-145 I 2H-150N 1KTS 16 N
2H-114 IX 2H-413 I HE-1113 HR1-145 2H-150 I 1KTS 16 I
2H-114 DG 2H-134I1 HE-1113 B HR1-145 N 2H-170 1KTP 41 B
2H-125 B 2H-126 X HE-1115 H1-160L 2H-170N 1KTP 41 N
H-126 M/1 2H-136 X HE-1115B H1-160L N 2H-170 I 1KTP 44 B
H-126 B/1 3H-425 B HE-1400 M HC1-105 2HC-130 1KTP 44 N
2H-125N 3H-425 N HE-1400 B HC1-105 N 2HC-130 N 1KTP 44 I
H-410 M/1 3H-425 X H2-1102B HC1-115 2HC-150 1KTP 46 B
H-410 B/1 3H-425 DB HA-411E M HC1-115 N 2HC-150 N 1KTP 46 N
2H-125 I 3H-425 YL HA-411E B HC1-120 2HC-150 I 1KTP 46 I
2H-125 DB 2H-426 X HA-414E M HC1-120 N 2HC-170 I 2909 90 3
2H-125 DG 2H-436 X HA-414E B H-51 M 2HC-120 DN 2901 00 1
H-413 M/1 2H-114X HA-426E B/1 H-51 3H-175 I 2901 00 3
H-413 B/1 2H-414 X 1HF-11 EN H-52 M 3HC-175 I T1101
H-414 M/1 2H-113 X 1HF-11 EB H-52 2HC-120 DLX T1102
H-414 B/1 3H-135 X 1HF-14 EN H-53 2HT-120 I O8ECRP X
H-432 M 2H-200X 1HF-14 EB HC1-130L 2HCT-120 I O8ECRP B
H-432 B 2H-413 X 1HU-110 N H-55 HC-2200B O8ECRP N
H-434 M 3H-435X 1HU-110 B H-61 M HC-2200 N OP8ECRP X
H-434 B 3H-135 B 1HU-120N H-61 2HCS-150 OP8ECRP B
H-425 M/1 3H-135 N 1HU-120B H-62 M 2HCS-150 N OP8ECRP N
H-425 B/1 3H-435 B 1HF-36 CB H-62 2HCS-150 LX O5AC B
H-426 M/1 3H-435 N 1HF-36 CN H-63 HD-120 O5AC N
H-426 B/1 H-800 AL HA-41E B H-64 HD-120 N OP5AC B
H-426 EPOCA/1 H-196AL HA-41E W H-65 2HCG-120 P OP5AC N
2H-125 YL H-800X HA-44EB H-50 M 2HCG-120 PN O5ER X
2H-125 YO H-196X HA-44EW H-5 2HCG-120 PLX O5ER B
2H-125DR H-196B HA-46E B H-10 2HCD-140 OP5ER X
2H-125MG H-196N HA-46E W H-20 2HCD-140 N OP5ER B
2H-125 B EPO H-185X HA-43E I H-60 2HCD-140 LX O8TCRP X
2H-125 N EPO H-196CX HA-46E I H-10 M HS-150X OP8TCRP X
2H-125 DG EPO H-496 X 1HF-25 CB H-20 M 2HG-120 O5M X
2H-126 B H-496 B 1HF-25 CN H-60M 2HG-120 N O5M B
2H-126N H-496 N 2HF-11 EB HC-10 2HCU-120 P OP5M X
2H-135 B H-485 X 2HF-11 EN HC-20 2HCU-120 PN OP5M B
2H-135N H-198 X 2HF-13CB HC-40 2HCU-120 PLX O4M X
2H-136 B H-498 X 2HF-13 CN HC-60 HSC-120 P B O4M B
FO5ER X FO8ECRP X A-698 I E-598 W OP4M X
FOP5ER X A-698 W E-516 W E-598 I OP4M B

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