Teka oven resistance 1000W 99511212

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Replacement oven resistance Arrive (several models). 1000W. Replacement part for kitchen appliance. A breakdown in the appliance's resistance can cause it to stop heating or cause the home automation system to trip.

Reference: 99511212, 83040746

HC485ME HM7351S98 HT610ME-8
HE 4 85 ME HM7351VR01 HT610MEB
HE 510 ME HM735I HT710
HE490 HM-735I HT-710 B
HE510ME HM735ME HT7101MES98
HE-510ME HM825 HT7101S98
HE610 HS740MES98 HT710ME-M
HE610ME HS740S98 HT720 1
HM635 HT-485 ME HT7201MES98
HM635.1 HT485ME HT7201S98
HM6351MES98 HT-485ME RT-80 0 ME
HM6351MEVR01 HT485MES98 RT800
HM6351S98 HT485S98 RT-800
HM6351VR01 HT-61 0ME.1 RT8001MES98
HM635ME HT610 RT8001S98
HM635ME-1 HT6101ME RT800ME
HM7251MEVR01 HT6101S98 RT-800ME
HM7251S98 HT610B RT-800-ME
HM7351MES98 HT610ME RT-800ME-N
HM7351MEVR01 HT610ME1 RT800N

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