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Blender glass holder Bosch. The thread can crack or break due to vibration, causing liquid to leak into the cup. To avoid a breakdown in the appliance, it is recommended to replace it when it begins to crack.

Reference 00625474

Previous reference: 00423562

MB11000UC/02 MMB11R1/06 MMB2000/09
MMB1100/01 MMB11R1/07 MMB2000GB/01
MMB1100/02 MMB11R1/08 MMB2000GB/03
MMB1100/03 MMB11R2/08 MMB2000GB/04
MMB1100/04 MMB2000/01 MMB2000GB/05
MMB1100/05 MMB2000/02 MMB2000UC/01
MMB1100/06 MMB2000/03 MMB2001/09
MMB1100/07 MMB2000/04 MMB20R1/05
MMB11B1/06 MMB2000/05 MMB20R1/06
MMB11B1/07 MMB2000/06 MMB20R1/07
MMB11B1/08 MMB2000/07 MMB20R1/08
MMB11B2/08 MMB2000/08 MMB20R1/09

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