Dishwasher basket wheel Balay, Bosch, Siemens 00165314

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Dishwasher spare part Balay, Bosch, Siemens, Lynx. Lower basket wheel for dishwasher.

The wheel snaps onto the bottom rack of the dishwasher and holds the basket in its track.

Reference: 00165314

Previous references: 00170838, 00170834, 00420198, 00183955

* Given the enormous number of models for which this roller is valid, we have provided a summarized list below. If you have any questions about whether this spare part is valid for your device, please contact our customer service.

3SE24M850EU 3VS351BD 3VU550XD 4VW360BD
3VE242BB 3VS351ID 3VU551XD 4VW379BA
3VE351BD 3VS353BD 3VW360BD 4VW379BB
3VE351ND 3VS353ID 3VW447BA 4VW460BA
3VE352BD 3VS361BD 3VW447BB BM8301
3VE352ND 3VS362BD 3VW521BD CG461S2IL
3VE452BA 3VS444BA 3VW551BD CG561J2
3VE452BB 3VS444BB 3VW560BD CG561J4
3VE453NA 3VS451BA 3VX443BA CG561J5
3VE453NB 3VS451BB 3VY351BD CG561J9
3VE465BA 3VS458ARP 3VY352BD CG565S2EU
3VE551BD 3VS461XA 3VY360BD DGS4302
3VE551ND 3VS464BA 3VY448BA DGS4502
3VE742BA 3VS464BB 3VY448BB DGS5502
3VE742BB 3VS466BA 3VY560BD DGS5708
3VF341ID 3VS467PA 3VZ351BD DGS5718
3VF341ND 3VS467PB 3VZ360BD DGS6502
3VF343ND 3VS467PC 3VZ440BA DGS6512
3VF541XD 3VS541BD 3VZ441BA DGS6518
3VF542XD 3VS551BD 3VZ445BA DIS4305
3VF543XD 3VS551ID 3VZ449BA DIS6405
3VF910NA 3VS552BD 3VZ542BD DIS6505
3VF911NA 3VS552ID 4VE240BA DIS6515
3VF911NB 3VS553BD 4VE360BD DTS4301
3VF915XA 3VS555BD 4VE374BA DTS4401
3VF915XB 3VS555ID 4VE374BB SMI2012GB
3VF915XC 3VS561BD 4VE376BA SMS1012
3VI211BB 3VS562BD 4VE376BB SMU2052SK
3VI241XD 3VS563BD 4VE379BA SRS55M62EU
3VI351BD 3VS563ID 4VE450BA SRS55M68EU
3VI351ND 3VS564BD 4VF340NA SRS55M72EU
3VI352BD 3VS564ID 4VF340ND SRS55M72RU
3VI353BD 3VS740BA 4VS172BA SRS55M76EU
3VI422BA 3VS740BB 4VS172BB SRS55M76RU
3VI422BB 3VS741BB 4VS350ID SRU4675
3VI423NA 3VS741BC 4VS351BD SRU46A04
3VI423NB 3VS747PA 4VS375BA SRU46A05
3VI434A 3VS747PB 4VS375BB SRU53E05AU
3VI434XA 3VS840BD 4VS377PA SRV43M23RU
3VI434XB 3VS840ID 4VS377PB SRV43M33EU
3VI434XC 3VS851BD 4VS378BA SRV43M43EU
3VI435BA 3VS851ID 4VS460BA SRV46A63
3VI435BB 3VS852BD 4VS460IA SRV53C03UC
3VI435BC 3VS931BAD 4VS560BD SRV53C13UC
3VI551XD 3VS931IAD 4VS675BA SRV53M03EU
3VI552XD 3VT351BD 4VS740BA
3VS240BA 3VT446BA 4VS741BA
3VS241BB 3VT446BB 4VS742BA
3VS341BD 3VT541BD 4VS743BD

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