Polti Vaporella safety cap Pro models 500 series M0006700

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Safety cap replacement Skin Vaporella. This cap is what prevents the escape of steam, and it is also the main valve of the appliance tank.

Reference M0006700

Previous references: M0006687, M0006220, M0006219, M0006218


  • PLEU0186 Vaporella 505 PRO
  • PLEU0187 Vaporella 525 PRO
  • PLEU0188 Vaporella 535 ECO PRO
  • PLEU0196 Vaporella 507 PRO
  • PLEU0210 Vaporella Silver
  • PLEU0211 Vaporella Happy
  • PLEU0212 Vaporella BLUE MOON 2.0
  • PLEU0223 Vaporella 515 PRO
  • PLEU0243 Vaporella 526 PRO

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