Polti Vaporetto, Vaporella Security Plug M0006858

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Safety cap 7 bar Vaporetto Vaporella Polti and lecoaspira. Original replacement of ironing center cap and steamers.

Code: M0006858

Old code: M0006406, M0004778, M0006430

PLEU0071 Vaporella Comfort
PLEU0062 Vaporella Pro 5000R Lux
PLEU0036 Vaporella Pro 5100R
PLEU0061 Vaporella Pro 5200R
PLEU0069 Vaporella Pro 5200R
PLEU0084 Vaporella Professionnal System
PTEU0136 Vaporetto 1000 No Volt
PTEU0148 Vaporetto 1300 No Volt
PTEU0199 Vaporetto 1600
PTEU0152 Vaporetto 2300 kit pro no volt
PTEU0149 Vaporetto 2300 No Volt
PTEU0200 Vaporetto 2600
PTEU0208 Vaporetto 2600 kit
PLEU0117 Vaporella Power System
PTEU0181 Vaporetto 900
PTEU0186 Vaporetto 900
PTEU0228 Vaporetto Dynamic
PTEU0225 Vaporetto Edition
PTEU0226 Vaporetto Evolution
PTEU0183 Vaporetto Sprint
PTEU0190 Vaporetto Sprint Kit
PVEU0043 Lecoaspira 705
PVEU0078 Lecoaspira City
PVEU0077 Vaporetto Lecoaspira
PVEU0066 VT705 Lecoaspira

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