Polti plancha center thermostat Vaporella M0003471

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Thermostat replacement with hot melt 185º - 240º Skin Vaporella. Original Polti ironing center thermostat replacement. You should change the thermostat when a fault in this part causes the iron element to not heat up.

Reference: M0003471

FI000031 Vaporella 2H Professional
FI000081 Vaporella Super Pro
FIE00068 Ferro 2 H Professional
PFEU0015 Iron Pro 12V Tien
PFEU0018 Satrap Stiro Ecovap
PFEU0021 Plancha Acc. Prof for Lecoaspira
PLEU0020 Vaporella 4500 R
PLEU0027 Vaporella Ironing Stain Remover
PLEU0033 Vaporella 2H Professional Gold
PLEU0035 Vaporella Pro 5000R
PLEU0036 Vaporella Pro 5100R
PLEU0048 Vaporella Prof 1200
PLEU0051 Vaporella Forever
PLEU0052 Vaporella Forever Clean
PLEU0057 Vaporella Forever 1000
PLEU0060 Vaporella Pro 3100 R
PLEU0061 Vaporella Pro 5200R
PLEU0067 Vaporella 2500 R
PLEU0068 Vaporella Forever 900
PLEU0070 Vaporella 430 New Concept
PLEU0071 Vaporella Comfort
PLEU0074 Vaporella Prof 303
PLEU0075 Vaporella Forever 905
PLEU0078 Practical Steamer
PLEU0083 Vaporella New Concept 450
PLEU0084 Vaporella Professional System
PLEU0088 Vaporella Advanced System
PLEU0089 Vaporella New Concept 305 Compact
PLEU0093 Vaporella Prof 1100
PLEU0094 Vaporella Prof 1300
PLEU0095 Vaporella Prof 306
PLEU0097 Practical Basic Vaporella
PLEU0100 Vaporella Presto
PLEU0101 Vaporella Easy
PLEU0102 Vaporella Athena
PLEU0103 Vaporella Anti Shine
PLEU0107 Vaporella Forever 950
PLEU0108 Vaporella Special
PLEU0113 Vaporella Elegant
PLEU0117 Vaporella Power System
PLEU0121 Vaporella Forever 440
PLEU0122 Vl Forever 450
PLEU0123 Vaporella Forever 980
PLEU0131 Vaporella Easy Professional
PLEU0134 Vaporella Easy White
PLEU0141 Vaporella Blue Moon
PLEU0142 Vaporella Forever 400 Pro
PLEU0143 Vl Forever 600 (Spain)
PLEU0151 Vaporella Forever 400 Pro Grey
PLEU0154 Vaporella Forever 700
PLEU0155 Vaporella Forever Super Clean
PLEU0156 Vaporella Forever Practical
PLEU0158 Vaporella Forever 800
PLEU0165 Vaporella Forever 980 Pro
PLEU0170 Vaporella Forever 850 Pro
PLEU0179 Vaporella Forever 615 Pro
PLEU0180 Vaporella Forever 625 Pro
PLEU0181 Vaporella Forever 635 Pro
PLEU0182 Vaporella Forever 675 Eco Pro
PLEU0186 Vaporella 505 Pro
PLEU0187 Vaporella 525 Pro
PLEU0188 Vaporella 535 Eco Pro
PLEU0195 Vaporella Forever 1405 Pro
PLEU0210 Vaporella Silver
PLEU0211 Vaporella Happy
PLEU0212 Vaporella Blue Moon 2.0
PLEU0215 Vaporella Silence Friendly 8.85
PLEU0217 Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly 14.55
PLEU0220 Vaporella Forever 685 Pro
PLEU0221 Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly 14.45
PLEU0222 Vaporella Forever 665 Eco Pro
PLEU0223 Vaporella 515 Pro
PLEU0230 Vaporella Forever 657 Eco.Pro
PLEU0231 Vaporella Forever 658 Eco.Pro
PLEU0243 Vaporella 526 Pro
PTEU0170 Vaporetto Eco Pro - 20 Years - Kit
PTEU0236 Vaporetto Evolution Kit
PVEU0016 Poretto Lecoaspiravt710 Kit
PVEU0049 Vt 715 Kit Lecoaspira
PVEU0051 Vaporetto Lecoaspira Intelligent Light
PVEU0066 Vt 705 Kit Lecoaspira

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