Ariston heater thermostat, Cointra, Fleck, Corberó C00691692

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Thermostat replacement for water heater Corberó, Cointra, Fleck, Ariston.

This piece regulates the temperature of the water inside the appliance. Rod thermostat for water heater heater.

This thermostat can break due to continued use of the appliance, if you notice that this part breaks frequently,.com You may need to clean the inside of the thermos, since it is very likely that a large amount of impurities have accumulated inside that makes the thermostat and resistances difficult to operate.


Also valid for Fagor, Electrolux.

Adjustable, 270 mm rod. 2 contacts.


Rod measurements: 6 x 270 mm.


Connection of two fast on. With rearmament. 15 A. CE quality.


  • Ariston
  • Fleck
  • corberó
  • Cointra


  • Ariston: C00691692

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