Zanussi Corberó white refrigerator handle with colored handle 2062404039

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refrigerator handle Zanussi Corbero AEG White with blue handle for refrigerator door.

Reference: 2062404039

* Shipped instead Zanussi handle without handle. This spare part is no longer supplied by the manufacturer.

Compatible con

CB185 FC430E ZFK2311 928401706
CB200 FC8421S-2 ZFK23-11LP
ENA3451 FC8421S2 92840196001 ZFK23-11LR
ER8360B FC84605-2 ZFK23-11R
ER8361B FC8460S-2 ZFK26-11
ER8361B 92840170900 FC8560C ZFK26-11LP
ER8660B FC8560P ZFK26-11LR
FC FC-8560P ZFK26-11LT
FC1580S-2 FC8560P 928401911 ZFK26-11R
FC1755S-3 FC8560S ZFK321P
FC18215-9 FC8560S-9 ZFK328P
FC1821S-9 FC8560S 92840191000 ZFK328R
FC1850 FC8560S9 92840191000 ZFX23-11
FC1850-9 FCI850P ZGC328
FC1850 92840193000 FD1755S-2 ZK
FC18509 928401929 KG2611LR ZK11-26LR
FC1850P EYE ZK185
FC1850P-0 S3030KG7 ZK185-B4
FC1850P-09 S3030KG8 ZK200B4
FC1850P-2 S3030KG8 928401990 ZK200-B4
FC1850P2 928401955 S3039KG7 ZK200B4 92840354100
FC1850P-3 S3039KG7 928401756 ZK22-11LP
FC1850P-9 S3176KG8 ZK22-11LR
FC1850P9 928401930 S3176KG8 92840179300 ZK22-11LR-1
FC1850S S3330-7KG ZK22-11RD
FC1850-S S33307KG 928403451 ZK23-10R
FC1850S-0 S3342-KG7 ZK2311LP
FC1850S0 928401942 S3342KG8 ZK23-11LP
FC1850S0 92840194200 S3346-7KG ZK23-11LP1
FC1850S-2 S3466KG8 ZK2311LP 928401726
FC1850S-3 S3466KG8 928403498 ZK23-11LR
FC1850S-9 S3472KG8 ZK2311LR 92840172500
FC1850S 928401901 S3472KG8 928403493 ZK23-11RD
FC1850S 92840190100 S3472KG8 92840349803 ZK2311RD 92840172400
FC1850V01 HOLY ZK26
FC1850V-01 SANTO3030 ZK26-11CR
FC1850V-9 SANTO3036 ZK26-11LP
FC1850V9 92840193800 SANTO3036-6KG ZK26-11LP1
FC1850VP0 SANTO3330-7KG ZK2611LR
FC1850VP0 928401949 SANTO33307KG 9284034510001 ZK26-11LR
FC1850X-0 Z261L ZK26-11LR1
FC1850X-3 ZC33 ZK26-11RD
FC1850X3 92840196502 ZC33BLU ZK26-11RD1
FC1856S ZC33SIL ZK321
FC1859P ZF261L ZK322LD
FC1860 ZF26-1L ZK326
FC20005-0 ZFC23-1L ZK328
FC20005-1 ZFC231L 928401700 ZK328LR
FC20008 ZFC23-1LR ZK33
FC2000-9 ZFC231LR 92840170100 ZK335IL
FC2000P ZFC23-1R ZK33SIL
FC2000P-0 ZFC26-10 ZK361LR
FC2000P-9 ZFC26-1L ZK362LR
FC2000S ZFC26-1LR ZK362LR 928403433
FC2000S-0 ZFC26-1R ZK366LR
FC2000S0 92840351800 ZFK22 ZK36SIL
FC2000S-2 ZFK22-11R ZK36SIL1
FC2000S-9 ZFK2211R 928401200 ZR261L
FC330L-9 ZFK2310R ZSK23-11R
FC370E ZFK23-10R ZX185B4
FC370E 928401600 ZFK2310R 928401803
FC370S ZFK23-11

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