Bosch Siemens Flexible Vacuum Cleaner Hose 00463637

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Replacement tube for vacuum cleaner Bosch Siemens. Replacement tube for floor vacuum cleaner. This original Bosch and Siemens accessories connects the appliance with the rest of the device's vacuuming accessories: brushes and nozzles.

Reference: 00463637


VSX11630CN VSX32132 BX12101 BX32132
VSX11800 VSX32300 BX12122 BX32187GB
VSX12000 VSX32432 BX12222 BX32197GB
VSX12000CH VSX32500 BX31800 BX32430GB
VSX12022 VSX32503 BX31810 BX32500GB
VSX31800CH VSX32510 BX32082 BX32531
VSX32010CH BX11600 BX32100 VCX1PT2000
VSX32011 BX11600GB BX32100GB VSX11430CN
VSX32100 BX11800 BX32110GB
VSX32103 BX12000 BX32130
VSX32130 BX12022 BX32131

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