Extreme Nilfisk vacuum cleaner curved tube 1470243520

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Curved tube for Extreme vacuum cleaner Nilfisk. Replacement for the end of the tube. This piece connects the hose to the appliance accessories.

Reference 1470243520

Nilfisk extreme care Extreme hygienic
Nilfisk extreme eco Extreme x100
Nilfisk power allergy Extreme x110
Nilfisk power eco Extreme x150
P10 Extreme x200
P20 Extreme x210
P40 Extreme x300
Power Extreme x300c
X150 Extreme xl
X200 Power cleaner
Xtreme150 Power p10
Xtreme200 Power p12
Xtremeeco Power p20
Extreme complete Power p40
Extreme free Power select
Extreme freeold Power special
Extreme home Power super

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