Nilfisk King, GM80 Fexible Vacuum Cleaner hose flexible 22301500

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Nilfisk vacuum cleaner hose. Original replacement for Nilfisk vacuum cleaner. This part connects the appliance with the vacuum accessories.

Code: 22301500

Old codes: 12041500

* It can be served in gray or black, according to factory availability.


Vacuum Cleaner Nilfisk GM80

GM 80 US
GM 80 C
GM 80C
GM 80P
GM 80P
GM 80
GM 80 C
GM80 C

Vacuum Cleaner Nilfisk GM...

GM 200 SeriesGM 400 Time
GM 300GM 405
GM 300 Key accountGM 410
GM 300 SpringGM 415
GM 310GM 420
GM 310 SilverGM 425
GM 320GM 430
GM 330GM Action
GM 400GM Arnoldi
GM 400 BronzeGM Seasons
GM 400 GoldGM Siena
GM 400 Silver

Vacuum Cleaner Nilfisk King

King 520
King Ka
King Key-Acc
King Pelican
Nilfisk King 510
Nilfisk King 520
Nilfisk King 530
Nilfisk King 540
Nilfisk King Great Dane
Nilfisk King Home
Nilfisk King Special
Nilfisk Mocca

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