Tubo flexible aspirador Rowenta Silence Force RS-RT2660

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Flexible vacuum cleaner hose tube Rowenta Silence Force. Complete flexible tube (elbow included) adaptable to the Rowenta Silence Force vacuum cleaner.

Attention: this flexible tube is not adaptable to vacuum cleaners from the Ergo Comfort Silence range with the "Lock System" fixing system.

Reference RS-RT2660

RO452001/410 RO4540IA/410 RO472101/410 RO472911/410
RO452011/410 RO454121/410 RO4721FA/410 RO4729R1/410
RO4520IA/410 RO4541GA/410 RO4721FA/411 RO473311/410
RO452311/410 RO4541IA/410 RO4721FB/410 RO4733FA/410
RO452321/410 RO4541R1/410 RO4721GA/410 RO4733FA/411
RO4523GA/410 RO4541T1/410 RO4723 RO476201/410
RO4523R1/410 RO464501/411 RO472301/410 RO476211/410
RO453011/410 RO4649R1/410 RO472301/411 RO4762GA/410
RO453311/410 RO466201/411 RO472311/410 TW452341/410
RO454001/410 RO466211/410 RO472311/411 TW454141/410
RO454011/410 RO466211/411 RO4725FA/410
RO454087/410 RO4662GA/411 RO472711/410

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