Rowenta Pro perfect and Pro Precision anti-lime wand CS-00115030

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Anti-lime rod Rowenta Pro perfect - Pro Precision

To collect lime from the tank, the Anti-lime wand not only prolongs the life of your ironing center but also keeps it in optimal condition. It is advisable to periodically remove the rod and clean it of traces of lime and dirt from the water. It is also advisable to rinse the tank vigorously to remove any remains left inside the boiler.

Designed for the Pro Perfect (DG8720) and Pro Precision (DG8420) ironing centers. Replacement part designed to extend the life of your device.

Reference: CS-00115030

DG8720 DG8421 DG8520 DG8978 DG8996

DG8760 DG8855 DG8560 DG8580 DG8964

DG8740 DG8890 DG8421 DG8550

DG8780 DG8880 DG8860 DG8962

DG8790 DG8840 DG8980 DG8985

DG8420 DG8960 DG8570 DG8995

DG8820 DG8990 DG8530 DG8979

DG8860 DG8980 DG8425 DG8963

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