Bosch PowerMaxx chopper accessory cup 00268636

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Container cup for blender chopper accessory Bosch, Siemens, Ufesa PowerMaxx. The blades are mounted in this glass to chop small amounts of food.

* You can find the model of your Bosch mixer engraved on the back of the motor to know if this spare part is suitable for your appliance.

Reference: 00268636

Brio! Ergonomic edition
Brio! S- Control FQ.1
mini mixer privilege
Burning EasyMixx
Turbofix powermaxx
ErgoMixx MaxoMixx
Mixino Sunbeam
Privileg ProComfort

BL4544/01 MQ40660/02 MSM6300/01 MSM6700/04
BL4544/02 MQ5N300/01 MSM6300/02 MSM6700GB/02
BP4503/01 MQ5N300/02 MSM6300/03 MSM6700GB/03
BP4503KR/01 MQ5N300/03 MSM6300GB/02 MSM6700GB/04
BP4505/01 MQ5N300N/03 MSM6300GB/03 MSM67120B/01
BP4506/01 MQ5N500/03 MSM64120/01 MSM67120R/01
BP4513/01 MQ5N500N/03 MSM641204/01 MSM67150B/01
BP4514/01 MQ5N600/01 MSM64120AU/01 MSM67150RU/01
BP4514/02 MQ5N600/02 MSM64120GB/01 MSM67170/01
BP4515/01 MQ5PR12/01 MSM64155RU/01 MSM67170B/01
BP4515/02 MQ5PR12/02 MSM6500/01 MSM67170KR/01
BP4515CC/02 MQ66020/01 MSM6500/02 MSM671X0/01
BP4534/02 MQ66120/01 MSM6500/03 MSM671X1/01
BP4536/02 MQ66155/01 MSM65PER/01 MSM67PE/01
BP4542/02 MQ67170/01 MSM6600/01 MSM67PE/02
BP4542/03 MQ67170GB/01 MSM6600/02 MSM67PE/03
BP4544/02 MQ96580/01 MSM6600/03 MSM67SL/03
BP4544/03 MQ96580GB/01 MSM6600/04 MSM6S20B/01
M600N/02 MQ9PR01/01 MSM66020/01 MSM6S50B/01
MFQ1951/01 MQ9PR01/02 MSM66050/01 MSM6S50BGB/01
MFQ1952/01 MSM4101/01 MSM66050RU/01 MSM6S70B/01
MFQ1952/02 MSM4102/01 MSM66120/01 MSM881X1/01
MFQ1952HR/01 MSM5110/01 MSM66120AU/01 MSM881X2/01
MFQ1952MX/01 MSM5110GB/01 MSM66120W/01 MSMC621BCN/01
MFQ36450/01 MSM5110UC/01 MSM66125AU/01 MSMCS02/01
MFQ36450GB/01 MSM5330/01 MSM66150/01 MSMCS04/01
MFQ36450S/01 MSM5330GB/01 MSM66150KR/01 MSMS721MCN/01
MFQ36480/01 MSM5660/01 MSM66150RU/01 MSZ4UZ1(00)
MFQ36490/01 MSM6260/01 MSM66150W/01 MZ33001(00)
MFZ9UZ1(00) MSM6260/02 MSM66155/01 MZ90001(00)
MPG4503N/01 MSM6270/01 MSM6700/01 PHB4580/03
MQ40110/01 MSM6270/02 MSM6700/02 ZHB0804L/01
MQ40660/01 MSM6270/03 MSM6700/03 ZHB0804S/01

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