For the Thermomix repair You have to know the main faults that we can find, so...

Welcome to the wonderful world of culinary adventures with the Thermomix TM-31! This incredible kitchen robot is the perfect ally for preparing delicious dishes, but like any machine, it can also have its problems. Don't worry, here we will tell you about the main breakdowns and the parts needed to fix them!

It is a fairly common fault in the Thermomix TM-31 that the buttons stop paying attention to you. Let them go to their roll. If you notice that some of the control buttons are unresponsive or working erratically,.com Time to replace the control panel keypad housing. IT IS VERY EASY TO CHANGE. A lot, really. To fix this problem, you will need to purchase a new button panel for Thermomix TM-31, well look here you have it.

Primer modelo de Thermomix

This trunk was the first Thermomix, surely you had not seen one before

It is quite possible that your blade Thermomix turn, but have no strength. This fault is due to the fact that the gears have worn out and . If your Thermomix is moving uncontrollably and seems to have a life of its own, don't worry, or it will most likely need a new set of gears. Yes, those plucky little cogs that make it all work! You can find the motor gears following this link.

Careful! it may also be that the spin without force could be due to the blades. Before changing the clutch, try to hold the blade clutch tightly,.com say, to the lower part and (with a rag or whatever it is that protects your hands, we are going to do things with a head) and try to turn the upper part, the blades of the knife. if each one goes its own way, then to change the blades. Here you can buy them, let it not be said.

On the other hand, if your Thermomix starts making strange noises and he seems to be speaking in an unknown language, don't panic. This problem is due to a worn motor. Bad engine noise can be anything from a hoarse noise to a kind of shrill screeching. To fix it, you will need an engine replacement. And get down to work to solve it, of course.

Thermomix TM-21

The Thermomix TM-21 was revolutionary and sold like hotcakes

If the lights of your Thermomix blink Like they're at a rave The problem probably lies with the motherboard. You should always check that the rest of the components of the device are in good condition, lest you are making the wrong part. To fix it, you will need a new plate.

The screen of your Thermomix TM-5 or TM-6 Has it been hit, has it gotten whiter and whiter, or suddenly you can no longer see the information on your food processor? If the screen of your Thermomix goes blank and shows no information,.com time to replace the LCD screen. You can find the screen by following this link. And, although it may not seem like it, it is not that complicated to change.

If the glass of your Thermomix leaves a trail of food all over the time to take action. Leaks under the bowl can occur both during operation and after food processing. You will need a new set of blades and a hermetic gasket to hold the glass in place. Why change the blades at the same time as the lower gasket of my Thermomix? Sometimes you can try only with the joint, check the condition of both pieces well, because you can get some surprises.

Are you filling the glass of your Thermomix a lot? Do you cook a lot of food and then hang out during the week? Well then, be careful with the state of the lid gasket, because at any moment, your favorite robot is going to start throwing food over the edge of the lid, and it's a good nuisance. Maybe it's not a bad idea to have a spare gasket. I leave it there. And you know he's probably right.

If your Thermomix shows temperature readings inconsistent or refuses to heat properly,.com The temperature sensor is probably failing. To resolve this issue, you will need to replace the sensor. You can find a new one in specialized stores.

Thermomix TM-6

Yes, the new Thermomix looks like a spaceship

Remember that these are just some of the most common failures in the Thermomix, but do not despair if you face other technical-culinary challenges. There are always creative solutions, don't get overwhelmed. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.