Welcome to the wonderful world of clothes dryer repair!!

Although at first glance it may seem like a less essential appliance, it has now earned a special place in our homes. And it is not for less, because the comfort and speed that they offer us are insurmountable. Who wants to get rid of tending? I do, and if you're reading this… surely you are too.


Dryer Repair: The solution to your drying challenges

The history of the dryer dates back to 1892, when it was first patented. However, it was in the 40s when it began to be commercialized massively. In its early days, only the wealthiest people could enjoy the benefits of this incredible invention. But as the years progressed, dryers became more affordable and became a necessity for many homes.

Dryers have evolved in every aspect over the years. Technological advances have given us efficient and durable dryers, capable of saving energy and time. However, as with any frequently used appliance,.com It is natural that small breakdowns arise due to wear and tear.

We have identified the most common faults that can affect your dryer, so that you can have a general idea and know what you need from us.

  1. The dryer does not turn on: Oh no, the magic power button doesn't do its trick. Before you panic, check that the cable is properly connected and that the plug is working properly. If everything seems to be in order,.com there is probably a problem in the switch, Little thing.
  1. The dryer takes a long time to dry: Does your dryer seem to take its time to get your clothes soft and fluffy? It is possible that the problem lies in the resistance of the device. Take a look at our category dryer resistors.
  1. The dryer drum does not spin: Has your tumble dryer decided it's time to take a break and refuses to spin its drum? Don't worry, she's not looking for a job change. The belt that drives the drum movement is likely worn or broken. Here are the categories of dryer belts. If the one you need is not there, you just have to give us a touch and we will upload it for you.
  1. The dryer does not heat, but the drum turns: Why did the dryer decide it's fun to run around without heating? It may be that the safety thermostat is failing, a failure in the endurance or that there is an electronic problem at play. Here you have the dryer thermostats what do we have in electrotodo. If it is not here, tell us, and we will upload it to our online store.
  1. There dryer makes a lot of noise: Your dryer has become the laundry DJ with the drum & bass at 12 in the morning, something has to be done. Daily wear and tear can affect dryer components, such as the motor, tensioners, or even the shaft, which can lead to annoying noises. You can take a look at shock absorbers, or to the state of the bearings. You can also consider charging it less from now on. Maybe you're going a bit too far.
  1. The dryer does not expel the air correctly: If you notice that the dryer does not expel the air properly,.com the ventilation duct is probably clogged. This can occur due to the accumulation of fluff, tissue remains or other foreign objects. Check the filter cleaning, make sure that it has not broken, and see how the evacuation tube is.
  1. The dryer emits unpleasant odors: If your dryer emits strange odors, do not be alarmed. It can be the result of the accumulation of lint, humidity or even some object forgotten in the pockets of the clothes.

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Do not hesitate to contact us at any breakdown or query related to your dryer. We will be happy to help you keep your clothes dry and your home in order!