My oven doesn't work. What I do?

The oven it is, more and more, a great ally in the preparation of food in our kitchen. There are more and more fans of preparing pastries at home: they are healthier recipes and we control the quality of the ingredients. We also find many food recipes use the oven at some stage. It is also a great help for those who, instead of enjoying time in the kitchen, choose to pre-cooked food: pizzas, lasagna, empanadas... in the supermarket there is a whole area of ​​quick solutions to bake without heating your head.

But, the fact is that, the more hours of use, the more possibilities our oven has to break. offers you a small repair tutorial so that you can locate the most common faults and repair the oven with your own hands.

Identify the type of oven

The first thing to take into account is what type of oven we have at home:

  • The classic models They essentially had a mechanical thermostat and timer, a safety thermostat and 2 or three resistances (they also have one or 2 fans, but normally they do not cause serious damage to the appliance). Simple models with these parts are still on the market today, and they are usually the easiest to repair (and whose operation is easier to understand).

  • The modern electronic models basically have an electronic module that regulate the thermostats (NTC sensors) or a sensor and a mechanical thermostat. This module also regulates the timer and other additional functions of some ovens. In these models there are faults that depend on the hob that can only be located by discarding the rest of the oven parts, so their repair can be more complicated.

Frequent oven breakdowns and how to repair them

The problem can be diverse: my oven turns on, but it doesn't work, the oven turns on and works, but it doesn't have enough power The oven turns on but turns off after a while. There are many problems that can arise. At Electrotodo we teach you how to repair your oven based on the most frequent breakdowns:

1. LThe light comes on, but the oven does not heat:

Resistencia cómo reparar horno

Balay oven resistance

  • check resistors

When any one of the resistors is shorted at any point, power reaches it, but it cannot transform it into heat. Some resistors work by connecting them directly to 220V, but they can also be checked with a multimeter or electrical tester: in the 200K position? If, when placing the leads at each end of the resistor, it marks "1" (as in figure 1), the resistance is cut off. We have located the fault, if there is no other problem, you just have to replace the part to repair the oven.

Multímetro para reparar horno

Figure 1.

Multimeter reading NO continuity

Termostato de seguridad de horno

safety thermostat

  • Check safety thermostat

In the upper rear part of the device, there is a thermostat whose mission is to cut off the power when there is overheating. Can be measured with a multimeter in the same way as resistance. In some cases they break due to use, no overheating, however,.com It is possible that they cut off the electricity supply due to a malfunction of the general thermostat. Therefore, if the repair requires replacing this part,.com It is also advisable to change the adjustable thermostat of the appliance so that it does not happen again.

Termostato regulable para reparar horno

adjustable thermostat

  • Check the thermostat of the appliance

the thermostat It is the part that we regulate to establish the temperature of the oven. A fault in this part of the oven can manifest itself by causing the appliance not to heat or the resistors to heat non-stop, reaching excessive temperatures. The continuity of the circuit in the thermostat depends on the temperature at which the probe is, so it is more difficult to measure, although what is stated for checking resistances and safety thermostats does apply.

2. Nor turn on the device,.com say: nothing works

Selector para reparar horno

Beko oven switch

  • check switch

The switch, or position selector can burn, leaving the appliance without electricity. In this case, the fault is repaired by replacing the parts. It is recommended whenever the commutator has burned also change all the fast on connectors that reach the switch, otherwise the fault will be reproduced sooner than we want.

Temporizador de recambio para horno

Balay oven timer

  • Check clock/timer operation

This case is rare, although there are times when, if we never use the timer function, simply at some point the position has been changed to "off" and the oven does not work. There is not even a fault, you just have to move the selector to check it. Another option is that the internal mechanism is damaged or the connections are burned. In the latter case, it is also convenient to change the fast on connectors that have burned to avoid future complications.

It is are the parts that cause problems in ovens. In the case of digital ovens, or mixed ovens, some of these indications can be followed, depending on the model they have one or the other. When the problem with the digital oven is that there is no power supply coming out of the electronic board, the possibility of the complete module causing the fault must be assessed, although that is another story.

Although these repairs are more complex, there are other problems that require, for example, change the door rubber so whatever your problem, we are here to help you.

We hope we have been of help to you: thank you very much for reading usIf you want to ask us any questions, you can write us below, in the comments. Or, if you prefer, you can consult a technician who will advise you in the customer service of