If you have a coffee maker Dolce Gusto Small, Mini Me, Oblo, Genius, it has not happened to you, my coffee maker Sweet taste lose water below!

Tank gasket leaks: why the coffee maker loses water, explanation and repair

Why are there water leaks?

Water leaks are a common fault in this type of coffee makers, whether they are Krups Dolce Gusto O Delonghi Dolce Gusto. There are several reasons why the coffee maker is leaking, depending on how it is the way to lose it.

We are going to focus on a specific loss caused by the deterioration of the tank seat gasket. This is a fault that ends up occurring in all Dolce Gusto coffee machines over time. The most obvious symptom is that the coffee maker loses water very slowly, at all times, without the need for it to be turned on or for coffee to be prepared. One day we filled the tank, we placed it and the next day we found our coffee maker on an interesting puddle of water. We often confuse the gasket wear of the tank with a break (micro-tear) in the water tank, which is why we often buy the coffee maker tank without need, and later we realize that the problem persists: BUT, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY COFFEE MAKER? !


How to check the deposit of the coffee maker

We can check that the tank is not damaged by filling it, drying it well on the outside and leaving it on kitchen paper for 20 minutes, if after this time the paper is still dry, your tank is perfect, the problem is probably in the seat where it is. fits, the piece in charge of the water passing to the coffee maker.

According to the manufacturers, this fault can be solved changing the tank seat gasket (o la complete piece, different in each device, which you can see here) accessing the inside of the coffee maker, disassembling the casings, but there is an easier way. Much simpler.


Changing the tank joint in steps (much simpler version) :

The first thing is remove deposit, which we will not need. We insert a small flat screwdriver on the side of the tank hole (image 1) and gently pry to remove the gasket.

Recambio asiento depósito Dolce Gusto Piccolo

Put the new rubber of the Dolce Gusto tank seat in the same place and, with the screwdriver, press gently until it clicks into place. It can be verified that the new replacement rubber has been correctly positioned by fitting the deposit again, if it does not have to be forced, the repair is finished.

It is advisable, once this repair is finished, to fill the tank, place it in its place in the coffee maker and check in a couple of hours that there is no leak, if there is still one,.com You may need to replace the pot gasket, although this is unlikely to happen.

... And that's it! Repair leaks from the tank gasket in Krups Dolce Gusto and Delonghi Dolce Gusto.com really simple. We hope it has been helpful to you and we invite you to future blog posts on electrotodo.com

A greeting and good luck!


Remember, if you want, you can see how an appliance repair technician performs this repair step by step in this video:

Vídeo de reparación cafetera Dolce Gusto Piccolo