"From one day to the next my coffee maker won't turn on." Today we are going to carry out the most common repair of coffee makers Krups Dolce Gusto Oblo: switch change.

Sometimes the coffee maker, from one day to the next, stops turning on. When we press the switch normally, we see that the light that shows the heating process of the Dolce Gusto coffee maker does not turn red blinking at first. And, suddenly, the drama: "today we don't drink coffee"

In many cases, this problem is due to the fact that the appliance switch is not activating the power input to the electronic circuit of the Krups Oblo coffee maker. Sometimes, we can even notice that the resistance of the switch to the touch has changed slightly: it is a case of wear of the electronic mechanism that turns on the coffee maker. Therefore, if nothing lights up, nothing works.

* Sometimes it can be confused with a breakdown in the electronic circuit of the coffee maker, since this is the part that regulates all the functions of the appliance. On many occasions, replacing the coffee maker switch solves the ignition problem.

Material needed for repair:

Screwdriver Torx 10 inviolable

Screwdriver flat

Pliers cutting

Time for a repair

30-40 minutes

To change the coffee maker switch button Krups Dolce Gusto Oblo.com necessary to disassemble the casings of the appliance, exposing all electrical parts of the appliance.

We are going to explain, step by step, how to replace the coffee maker button, make sure it is unplugged and... Let's go with the repair!

* Remember that you can consult our youtube video to see how to do this repair


  • Remove the reservoir, headshell and trays of the coffee maker, so as not to have moving parts that hinder the repair.
  • remove the two screws (torx 10) (these two screws are different from all the others, they are shorter, keep them identified for the moment of assembly) of the upper casing. These screws are in the upper-rear part, removing the deposit of the coffee maker.
  • Pry with the flat screwdriver to separate casing superior.
  • remove the screws that fix the side casing of the coffee maker (upper rear part).
  • Raise the two staples fastening next to the previous screws.
  • Finish removing the side casings Using the flathead screwdriver to pry up the rear of the casings, lift the other retaining clips built into the casing one by one.
  • cut clamp nylon that holds the wiring of the switch.
  • separate switch of the electronic board of the coffee maker: Two electrical connectors: one with 2 pins and the other with 3 (no loss!)
  • Separate the switch from the upper case: 3 screws.


  • For mount the new switch You have to do the reverse steps:
  • connect the wires 2 and 3 pins to the electronic module of the coffee maker: we can do the functional test at this time to check that the rest of the appliance works correctly
  • switch mount in the upper casing are the 3 screws
  • To place side caseThis process is somewhat laborious, since you have to match the plastic clips with their place in the body of the coffee maker.
  • fix the top screws (at the rear) of the casing
  • To fit in casing/top cover
  • fix screws rear (short) that are in the upper part of the tank.

... And that's it. This is a simple repair, although somewhat cumbersome in the assembly of the housings, which have to fit perfectly.

Remember, if you want, you can see how an appliance repair technician performs this repair step by step:

A professional appliance repair technician shows how to replace the coffee maker switch Krups Dolce Gusto Oblo