Spare juicer tray

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
Bandeja filtro exprimidor Taurus TC-160 Legend 087853000
Recipiente y filtro metálico exprimidor Ariete AT6076006200
Bandeja Filtro Exprimidor de zumo Lacor R69120BBandeja Filtro Exprimidor de zumo Lacor R69120B

Lacor R69120B Juice Juicer Filter Tray

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Bandeja exprimidor Taurus Citrus Glass 091679
Bandeja filtro exprimidor Braun CJ3000BK 7322610374
Escurridor exprimidor Solac EX6150 401735

Solac juicer drainer EX6150 401735

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Escurridor exprimidor Solac EX6151 406295
Exprimidor de cítricos Kenwood AT264 para KM260 KW706989Kenwood AT264 Citrus Juicer for KM260 KW706989
Soporte bandeja de exprimidor Taurus Citrus Glass 091680
Filtro pulpa Taurus TC-600 Ver II, III  083620000
Bandeja filtro exprimidor zumo Lacor R69285B
Exprimidor prensador procesador de  alimentos Kenwood KW714303Procesador de  alimentos Kenwood

Juicer trays and filters We call pulp filters for juicers trays. These are the accessories that are placed in the juicer so that the solid remains of the juice drain out. We have spare parts for the best brands of electrical appliances: Lacor, Moulinex, Taurus, Solac Buy the original spare parts to avoid malfunctions in your electrical appliances. If you can't find the part you are looking for, call us and we will upload it to the web for you. At we offer you original spare parts and accessories to keep your juicer in perfect condition.