Cooker Burner Bases Spare Parts

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
Conjunto de quemador y base cocina Teka grande 92 mm
Conjunto de quemador y base cocina Teka mediano 62 mm
Conjunto de quemador y base cocina Teka pequeño 42 mm
Base quemador cocina grande Balay, Teka, Ariston, Fagor 60601104
Base quemador cocina de gas Fagor, Edesa grande C52G001A9
Base quemador doble cocina Balay, Siemens, Bosch 00616274
Base quemador mediano Balay, Teka, Ariston, Fagor 60602104
Quemador grande cocina Whirlpool 481936078399
Base quemador cocina de gas Fagor, Edesa pequeño C52G000A1
Quemador mediano cocina Whirlpool 481936078398
Base quemador grande cocina Balay, Bosch Siemens 12006180
Base quemador grande cocina gas Bosch Neff Siemens 00189611
Quemador pequeño cocina Whirlpool 481936078397
Base quemador cocina Tecnogas, Rommer, New-Pol grande 202236
Base de quemador de gas cocina Fagor C75E005A3

Kitchen fire bases. Gas cooker spare parts at Keep your kitchen burners in the best condition with spare parts from In our online store we can supply you with the burners (bases and burners) for your gas cooker. It is important that you take care of the parts of your gas cookers, since poor maintenance of these parts can be dangerous. Gas spare parts are always an essential element in our homes, but the dangers they may have must always be taken into account. At we supply burner bases for the main brands: Teka, Balay, Lynx, Fagor, Bosch, etc. Buy original spare parts. Sometimes burner bases wear out from washing them with very aggressive cleaning products. Sometimes, although the wear is not clearly visible, when the gas burns the flame is yellow instead of blue. In these cases it is advisable to change both the base and the burner or cover. Wear can also manifest itself when the bases of pots and pans blacken excessively. If you do not find what you need in our catalogue, contact our customer service technicians so that they can locate the appropriate spare part and upload it to our website so that you can make your purchase. We are happy to answer your questions.