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Showing 1 - 24 of 745 products
Depósito completo exprimidor Taurus TC-160 Legend 087847000
Cuchilla batidora Taurus Magnum 1000 089153000Cuchilla batidora Taurus Magnum 1000 089153000
Cono exprimidor Taurus TC-160 Legend 087851000
Jarra batidora Taurus Magnum 1200  089241000
Jarra de batidora de vaso Taurus Optima Magnum 1000 y 1300 089152000
Cepillo aspirador Taurus Ultimate Lithium 093020
Conjunto dos peines cortapelo Taurus Ikarus Ver II 086977000
Depot vacuum Taurus Ultimate Lithium and Animal Care 091983Depósito aspirador Taurus Ultimate Lithium y Animal Care 091983
Filtro HEPA aspiradora Taurus Unlimited 999244
Jarra cafetera Taurus Verona 6 (ver II) 086586000
Cono Grande Exprimidor de zumo Taurus Easy Press 160 94183000
Deposito aspirador Taurus Ideal Lithium 093947000Deposito aspirador Taurus Ideal Lithium 093947000
Cuchilla batidora Taurus Magnum 1200 089031000
Plato microondas diámetro 24.5cm UniversalPlato microondas Universal 24.5 cm
Filtros Hepa Megane 2000 aspirador Taurus 999101000Filtros Hepa Megane 2000 aspirador Taurus 999101000
Cono Pequeño exprimidor Taurus Easy Press 094184
Depósito de agua plancha Taurus PTCP2200 088658000
Conjunto peines cortapelo Taurus Ikarus Premium 079939000
Manguera tubo flexible aspirador Taurus Exeo 2000, 2500 087340Manguera tubo flexible aspirador Taurus Exeo 2000, 2500 087340

Taurus is a Spanish brand born in Lleida. Leaders in the manufacture of small household appliances: blender, vacuum cleaner, juicer, coffee maker, hair clipper... with an enviable quality/price ratio. Find in the original spare parts and repair parts for your Taurus appliance and accessories to renew faults.