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Showing 1 - 30 of 30 products
Difusor secador Rowenta Powerline CS-00127505
Difusor para secador Rowenta CS-00141089
Cable plancha alisadora de pelo Rowenta CS-00141031
Turbina secador universal con rosca
Concentrador de secador de pelo Rowenta Powerline CS-00127504Concentrador de secador de pelo Rowenta Powerline CS-00127504
Fusible 240º  plancha pelo GHD 5.0 GHD1004
Boquilla secador de pelo Rowenta CS-00141085
Deposito humidificador Taurus Amazonia 077907000
Difusor secador Rowenta Powerline+ CS-00125752
Cable plancha alisadora pelo Rowenta FS-9100025269
Difusor secador Rowenta Signature Pro CS-00137961
Resistencia plancha pelo GHD 5, GHD 70 GHD1002
Boquilla estrecha secador Rowenta Infini CS-00122873
Cable plancha alisadora Rowenta CS-00140907
Turbina motor secador de pelo universalTurbina motor secador de pelo universal
Resistencia con termistor GHD plancha pelo GHD1001
Difusor secador de pelo Rowenta Infini Pro CS-00135659
Roller masajeador de ojos Rowenta SS-1810001378Roller masajeador de ojos Rowenta SS-1810001378
Difusor secador de pelo Philips DryCare Advanced 996510060555Difusor secador de pelo Philips DryCare Advanced 996510060555
Difusor Secador Philips HP8270
Anillo cable plancha pelo Rowenta FS-9100025268
Depósito completo humidificador Ufesa HF3000 00793267

Personal care appliance parts at Take time to take care of yourself! But always with the best original accessories... Find through our online store the original spare parts, parts or accessories necessary for your dryer, hair straightener, humidifier... Buy at Electrotodo the accessories you need for your household appliances: parts repair kits, hubs, diffusers, cables... If you cannot find the part or accessory you are looking for, or have any questions about the installation or repair of your appliance, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are distributors of spare parts for the main brands on the market: Rowenta, Philips, Braun... At we offer you original spare parts and accessories so that you can keep your irons, dryers... always ready.