Coffee maker hair clipper Fridge
The product label of your coffee maker, which is usually on the base of the coffee maker. In some cases, the label is behind the tank. The model may be engraved on the bottom of the cutting machine casing. The model label that you will find on the left interior wall by removing fruit and vegetable drawers.
Shaver Vacuum cleaner (sin cable) Sled vacuum cleaner
You can find the pattern engraved on the bottom-back of the casing or where the blades fit. The identification label of your vacuum cleaner will probably be on one behind the dust container. The product label for your vacuum cleaner is usually on a sticker on the base (underneath) of your vacuum cleaner.
Blender Epilator Washing machine
The blender code may be engraved on the base of the motor, where accessories fit, or on a housing on the body. The numerical model is engraved or silk-screened on the bottom-back of the case or where the accessories fit. The product label for your washing machine, which you will see on the inside of the door frame.
Dishwasher Ironing center Kitchen robot
The identification label is located on the appliance door frame or door jamb. The label with the product code that you will see on the base of the ironing center. The model is at the bottom of the device, on a sticker with the identification data.
The label that identifies the hood model is usually on a sticker on the hood motor, behind the filters.

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