Polti Vaporella, Vaporetto Connection Cable M0000541

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Vaporella Polti power cord. Replacement cable of 2 meters.

Replacement accessory for steamers and ironing centers

Code: M0000541


  • FI000080 Vaporella sfera
  • FI000081 Vaporella super pro
  • PLEU0040 Vaporella super pro lux
  • PLEU0049 Vaporella super pro inox
  • PLEU0051 Vaporella forever
  • PLEU0052 Vaporella forever clean
  • PLEU0059 Vaporella super pro excel
  • PLEU0078 Vaporella pratica
  • PLEU0097 Vaporella pratica basic
  • PLEU0100 Vaporella presto
  • PLEU0155 Vaporella forever super clean
  • PLEU0156 Vaporella forever pratica

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