Balay refrigerator bottle rack tray 00667653

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Original replacement door bottle tray for refrigerator House.

Replacement part to keep the drinks and food in your appliance well organized.

Reference: 00667653

3FEB2515/01 3FFB3715/09
3FEB2715/01 3FFB3716/01
3FF3700B/01 3FFL3755/01
3FFB3715/01 3FFL3755/02
3FFB3715/02 3FFL3755/03
3FFB3715/03 3FFP3767/01
3FFB3715/04 3FFP3767/04
3FFB3715/05 3FFP3767/05
3FFB3715/06 3FFP3767/07
3FFB3715/07 3FFP3767/08
3FFB3715/08 3FFP3768/01

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