Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL epilator gold head 81713904

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IPL Epilator Head Replacement Braun Silk Expert Pro 5. Original part manufactured by Braun. Gold color refill.

High quality spare part guaranteed from official technical service.

Check your model for the correct compatibility of your device.

Reference: 81713904

* Only valid for machines with serial number less than T5...

Braun IPL PL5XXX PL5111 PL5137 PL5149 PL5227 PL5347
PL 5129 PL5115 PL5139 PL5154 PL5237 PL5367
PL 5273 PL5117 PL5140 PL5157 PL5243 PL5387
PL5015 PL5124 PL5145 PL5159 PL5267 SEP5 (100 years) - Silk Expert Pro 5
PL5054 PL5131 PL5147 PL5223 PL5287 PL5014

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