Dishwasher pressure switch Fagor, Edesa, De Dietrich VER000762

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Dishwasher pressure switch Fagor, Edesa, De dietrich, White Westinghouse. Replacement pressure switch to control the water level in the appliance. If the water level is not adequate, it may be due to a fault in this part.

Reference: VER000762

DVY-1010X LF-452 LE-452P
1VF-451 1LF 452 LE-452IT
1VF-453P 1LF-453X 1LE-452IT
1VF-453PN 1LF-453P ROMAN -V45 IT
1VF-453I 1LF-453PN 1VD-450P
1VF-453IN 1LF-453IT 1VFU-453IT
1VF-453X 1LF-455IT ZW-395
1VF-453IT 1VFE-451 ZW-295
LF-453P 1VFE-453 ZB-296
LF-453PN 1VFP-453I ZB-296LX
LF-453X LFU-453IT ZB-396LX
LF-453IT 1LF-453IX ZBI-453IT
LF-455IT 1LF-453IN ZBI-455 IT
LF-453IN 1LF-453I DVY1010J
LF-453I 2VE-451P DVY1010J

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